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  1. wondering if someone could show me how to run a tandum (spelling) series with a streamer first and then a egg pattern or a sucker spawn trailer. what would be the best knot to tie to the other hook? or a web site to show how to tie it.

    also would it be good to tie a egg pattern then have a sucker spawn as a trailer?
    any help would be grateful
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    There are a number of differnent ways to do it. But experimenting is the key to success! It makes sense to have a minnow chasing an egg or astonefly pattern. Using a trilene knot is what I use since it one of the best knots around. As far as rigging lets say a #8 black stone fly and a EP minnow fly like I use. Tie on the the stone fly, then take another piece of tippet approx 12 to 15 inches long . Tie this to hook eye of stone fly and then tie the streamer pattern on. Try keeping them fairly close 8 to10 inches behind then stone fly. You can also tie the tippet piece to the back of the stone fly but I dislike this since it doesn't present the stonefly naturally. If you know how to tie a duncan loop knot( very easy tie) the flies and streamer will have more room to move freely. With this system you better be careful as you can gets some vicious hits on both flies!:)

    As you mentioned on the egg/sucker spawn yes and yes try to reverse it if not having any success. You will never know until you try it.
    Have fun!!

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    i like to tie an egg pattern with a small fly behind it. The first fly gets the fishes attention and the second foodstuff fly is usually taken. If i am swinging flies i usually chase a small bugger with a clouser. i tie to the bend with an improved clinch have yet to see this knot fail and it is easiest by far. I can tie a duncan loop but with cold hands it can be difficult
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    I also use a improved clinch to tie the trailer fly to the main fly. but I don't do it alot. might have to try it this year!
  5. I do a duncan's loop on my top fly, then on the hook bend of the first one I do a perfection loop. works really well. very strong.
  6. Friend the egg should be chased by the minnow egg first and streamer second. There is no correct way to do it, but it will help alot with the energy the leader is transmitting to the tippet!
  7. i have been using improved clinch like ryo for mono leaders, then switched to fluorocarbon. personally i don't like fluoro due to its stiffness and lack of suppleness, but it sinks MUCH faster than mono and therefore less weight needed to get the fly down and easier to cast. i have noticed that while improved clinch works on fluoro, i had to really moisten the leader to tie off the knot, otherwise it wouldn't slip into place. if i force it, it easily breaks. any other knots that work on fluoro?