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Discussion in 'Fish on the Fly' started by doegirl, Dec 24, 2007.

  1. First, Merry Christmas to all:D My family had Christmas this evening and I was suprised with a BassPro giftcard. My thoughts immediately turned to a fly
    reel. Unfortunately, Bass Pro's selection of fly reels, well, sucks. I see two possibilities Bass Pro offers-1. Orvis Battenkill Bar Stock and 2. Sage 1880 Large Arbor. I'm leaning towards the Orvis only because I do not understand how Sage's "tripod graphite drag" system works. Any thoughts? I don't have to buy from BassPro-I just thought it would be nice to take advantage of the giftcard.
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    Actually the White river Fly shop reel isnt bad but for $200 bucks you can do better. I'd look at the sage or Redington. I used a sage for a few and I really liked it.

  3. Thanks, Fishing Pole. I'd like to keep monetary damages to about $150.
    Here's a link to all of BassPro's reel selections, which is about page long.
  4. Sage is a great company & I love my Sage VT2, but I have no knowledge of their reels. HOWEVER, I DO own a Battenkill Barstock & love it. Mine was made in England...they are now made in China, but I understand they are using the same machinery & I have heard no complaints from friends who own the Chinese made & whose opinions I trust. I recommend the Orvis without reservation. It's an excellent reel.
  5. Hmmm graphite reels are no condusive to severe temperature changes. The graphite in cold weather becomes brittle, and if you drop it it will break. I watched this happen on the SR, and the Big Man. Orvis will stand behind all they offer, and I know it would be nice if it was still made in England. The Orvis will last you far longer in my opinion.
  6. I just ordered the Battenkill Bar Stock. Hopefully it will arrive just as the rivers become fishable again:D Happy Holidays everyone.
  7. About 2 weeks ago Orvis had a large arbor Battenkill reel on sale for $99. My wife got me one for Christmas. Yesterday I checked and they aren't listed anymore. Guess they sold out.
    I hope you enjoy the new reel Doegirl, and Merry Christmas to all!
  8. You made an excellent choice & as Tom said....Orvis stands behind all their stuff. You will simply NOT find better customer service. You'll be pleased.
  9. Here is an Orvis story. About 2 years ago I noticed that my 4 year old BKLA 9/10 with its new spool was rubbing against its self. I fished so hard with it for salmon, steelhead, and carp I took the center spindle out of plumb. I sent it to Orvis explained to them my problem, and 3 days later they sent me a new reel and a new spool! Well I really was amazed, and I'll always do business with them.