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  1. i am not very smart on these things in fact i am lucky i can post this but here goes i can go to add remove programs in the control box and click on the program that i want to remove and it says are you sure you want to remove this program and i click yes it goes off of my favorite list until i log on again and the program reappears again what am i doing wrong to keep it removed permanetely? also i can be looking at a page say e bay and all of a sudden it will leave the screen and i have to go back through every thing to look at the page again i have spyware popup program norton all the usuall stuff can any one tell me how to fix these problems i am operating windows xp i used the system restore to try and restore before this started to happen but the system restore goes through the step loads file shuts down windows reboots and then a message come up could not restore to the date selected, thanks for the help. if you can help please try and make it not to technical
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    What's the program you are trying to remove?

  3. the programs are bmse dbl iec system se assistant se help se search function se sidebar search. i dont have a clue what these programs are for but on my favorites list at the bottom their is autos business directory communication computers and internet entertainment games health fittness music shopping sports travel the are listed as if they run seperate on my favorites list any way when i remove the bmse dble and the rest of the se they dissapear off of my favorites list but when i reboot they are back any help would be appreciated . any ideas how these got into my computer?
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    Those are ALL spyware, and it sounds like what ever software you are using to get rid of it isn't doing the trick.

    You need either Adaware ( or Pest Patrol (
  5. hey shakedown thank you for your reply if i could take some more of your time i e mailrd the spy ware that i have and they said that in order to eliminate the spys that i have and continue to get while i run their program scan i have programs still running they said i should go to the task manager and turn off all processes and applications that are running and then run the scan and it will eliminate the spys my problem is i went to the task manager which i had a hard time finding but i could not figure out how to turn it off i thought their would have been a place to turn it off simply. any suggestion would be appreciated again thanks for your reply and your time id rather be fishing than messing with this problem.