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  1. ok so i've been to ladue twice. my kid (15) is really antsy. Well I am to lol. I need to catch fish.
    I was told troll deep for eyes right in front of the launch. If I were looking for bass where do I fish and what do I use (lures or live bait) and if I wanted to catch crappie where to go and what do I use?
    thanks for the help before my son loses interest
  2. rb....

    here is a link to the ladue bass series web history. Back when I had more time I would include much detail of the winning ways for each event. Click through (especially 2004-2006) the seasonal aspects and see if anything there can help you guys.

    I just saw pics from a scale verified, near 30... yes, 30! POUND bag of bass caught and released this past week (5 fish)...they are in there, hang on!!!


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    Do tell!! Tournament or shocking?
  4. OGF member, and team of dobass...

    I'll let him share details if so chooses, he SMACKED THEM- 7lbr in the bunch of 5 and halfs and 6's. 6 casts- 6 fish...that'll keep you goin' back!!!

  5. dad gave me a fish finder, trolled the channel, fished under the bridge with minnies, we did see a 4 lb eye come out on a erie dearie with a worm tryin that sunday:) :) :) :S
  6. Drifted with a worm harness, got a dozen and a half white perch and a 4 inch yellow perch. White perch tasty?
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    I've trolled up eyes on crankbaits at ladue, or troll or drift swiftly with botton bouncers and spinners. Straight across the launch on the other side of the lake can be okay for eyes, hot n tots can work well too. Don't be afraid to fish shallow for them early and late in the day, you can jig with whistler jigs and minnows, gulp leeches on jigs as well, on the edge of weed beds.
  8. Thanks for the advice,

    was out yesterday drifted and caught dozen white perch. had fun:)
  9. Did you catch much besides white perch?
  10. not a thing but still had a good time and my nephew likes to clean fish so......