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Discussion in 'Tackle Talk' started by FireMurph, Feb 19, 2008.

  1. What do you call these? :F
    I've been told Hooks, Pinmens and Jigs.
    The kids kill the pan fish at my Buddy's pond with these and I want to stock up on em but can't find them anywhere.
  2. i cant see them real close but looks kind of like ice jigs/ panfish jigs there is a bait shop off of 235 in new carlisle that sells some panfish jigs like those...i havent been there since the summer and dont know if they are open right now but i can check this weekend and see if they have any just like those

    oh and the baitshop is called crawdaddy's/scotties (not sure about the spelling) and what its still called nowadays...

    throwin wax worms on those bad boys you can slay the bluegill and crappie

  3. Thanks, I'm looking for them on-line in bulk. The kids sure do go through a lot of em.

    Ya we use wax worms and they kill em.
  4. nice site bob, ya I agree with cast n catch, they look like ice fishing jigs... I'd get as many as u can now, b/c once ice fishing is over good luck finding them in ohio
  5. Wow the guy I get em from now charges $0.75ea and I thought it was allot.
    Thanks at least I know what I'm looking for now.
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    You beat me to it, FireMurph. I was going to recommend Jammin Jigs. I think they are still a sponsor on this site, and they produce some nice jigs. As for your original question, they are ice jigs, known by many on this site as pin-mins.