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  1. Hi can someone tell me how to find and read flow information to west side creeks? Im new to this and could really use the help. thanks in advance

    Click on a stream and note the level. If you live close, take a trip to the stream to compare the reading with what you see. Each river fishes at different levels, and may even change a bit during the year. I personally like the rocky river best at 225cfs. This was based on a rock that I would use as the 'prime guide' for many years before the stream gages were around. Once the gage was installed, I compared the level on the rock to the reading for accuracy.

    You will have two readings on most gage pages. The CFS is flow, the level is depth. Both are normally consistent with each other. I like to fish when the flow is within my tolerable ranges and dropping.

    I have caught fish at 550cfs on the rocky with bait, and some holes fish rather good at that level, where others are blown out. Each river has its own ranges. For example, the levels on the grand will be much higher than the rocky for prime conditions.

    Being able to visualize what a specific flow and/or level refers to in actual conditions is when the flow charts really are useful. Beats the days of driving over an hour to find that conditions are not good, especially when a bait store owner said "it's prime!".

  3. before i go fishing, i look at the graphs and look for a steady flow for 2-3 days(like a flat line or slightly decreasing). yeah ive been out in coffee and sheer knowing of holes helped catching fish. now the flow in cfs varies every year. in '05 prime chagrin was around 400, this year its around 300.
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    In the Chagrin I like 350-450.