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  1. I promised to take my sons last year but it did not work out, multiple reasons why. Anyways I am trying to work out time off, I work nights and every weekend, around football playoffs and wrestling practice/matchs. My question is where should I take my sons, 11 and 14, to so that they can catch some steelheads. I am looking at a 4 hour drive so we are planning on coming up on a friday night then fishing as much as possible on saturday then driving home. Any help is appreciated. I am not planning on keeping any, heard they don't taste the best, just want them to hook a better then average amount and some big ones, even if they break off. Also any ideas on a hotel close by. I have printed out all of the river maps and already have a list of hotels but want to hear from someone that has stayed in the area. Thanks for the help,

  2. fish grand river short wall with jig/maggots and cleo spoons
    super 8 in mentor is where we stay 440-951 8558

  3. The Grand River is a good suggestion. The short wall is on the east side, the long wall is on the west side of the mouth. Long wall access is from Mentor Headlands State Park.

    If everyone has waders, might try the Rocky River. It runs thru Cleve MetroParks and the park road follows the river for a few miles. Lots of access. Be in the water at dawn.

    Good safe out there.

    (btw...check out the steelhead forum here)
  4. ill tell u this if your driving from whereever for four hours go to the grand they are producing much mmore fish there at least so i have been told i fish the rock everyother day and i really dont think its as good as it could be specially if you want them to catch alot and i eat steel head they are not bad at all its whos cookin it lol but i think the grand is a much better solution read all the posts about it it will make you wanna go there over the metros
  5. I would definitely PM someone before you make the 4 hour drive. Feel free to PM me and I'll tell you what I know.
  6. When i went as a kid I never really fell in love with steelheadin until we went to erie and NY. It seems as tho erie is a good bet for youngins, lots of action, not much farther than the streams in ohio. Mayb it was the right time, mayb it was the waters...don't know what it is, just seems like there's more action......try goin during a weekday...less ppl. also try using minnows on a drift. almost a surefire way in most conditions......I would also agree with archman about the PM. the best of us have been skunked up there b/c lack of knowledge. last time we took some newbees to erie they both ended up with fish. [​IMG]
    the two guys on either side. both had great days, fish on within the first hour. steelheaders for good now. wish the best of luck to you guys. hope those kids enjoy some fresh steel too.
  7. I'm going to agree with Stripers4life on this one. If you want to get your kids hooked on steel, there are a couple of PA streams that are the way to go. Head to Erie, PA and look to fish at Elk Creek or Walnut Creek. The main access points right close to the lake will be crazy crowded, but there are always fish in these spots and it is a good place for youngsters to learn. It's about as close to guaranteed catching as you can get with steel. For the inside scoop on both of these streams, stop at Poor Richards bait shop and these guys/gals will hook you up with bait that works and tell you where and how to fish it.

    Here are a couple of close inexpensive hotel options that I've used:

    Quality Inn & Suites‎
    6467 Sterrettania Road
    Fairview, PA 16415
    (814) 838-7647

    Fairview Motel‎
    6711 W Ridge Rd
    Fairview, PA‎
    (814) 474-1524‎

    Note: To fish either of these places effectively, you and the boys will each need full waders or hip waders. You can do without, but is really limits your options on where you stand to fish in a crowd.

    Once your boys learn the ropes, then I'd start fishing places like the upper stretches of the Grand or Conneaut Creek. You can do very good in these places if you know what you are doing and the conditions are right. If you don't or the conditions are tough, it can be a long, cold day with unhappy kids that want nothing ever to do with steelhead trout. I know this from experience as I dragged my 11 year old along on the Chagrin one day under cold and tough conditions. He's now 22 and has not been steelhead fishing since.

    Good luck!!

  8. speaking of poor richards, if you guys end up wanting to keep one, richards will trade you uncleaned steelhead for smoked steelhead filets from earlier in the week for I think 7 dollars, could be mistaken on the price. Ton's of flavors, and really convienient. Also I think pikeman said it best....

    "If you don't or the conditions are tough, it can be a long, cold day with unhappy kids that want nothing ever to do with steelhead trout."

    Let's face it steelheading can be very tough, mentally and physically. It takes a dedicated fisherman to wake up at 4:00, drive 2 hours to the stream, stand in freezing water, elbow to elbow, all while trying to catch a mean, tough fish who seems to get off the hook more than any species I've ever seen. Why do we do it? Because it is great, and after the first piece of steel your hooked. I was 12 when I went on my first steelheading trip. We caught nothing, it was cold, it was wet, and I was miserable. The only reason I do it now is because my father wouldn't let me give up on it. Sure enough next trip we went on I landed my first chrome. I was hooked. Now I know why he was so persitent. What I'm getting at, is that a youngster is going to need that action, and that thrill that comes with putting in the time, figuring them out, and gettin them in the net. hope you guys have a good time out there. Also this rain and snow should really turn them on. good fishing.
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    H,,,some weird attitudes toward steel about wanting to stand shoulder to shoulder. I'd rather stay home than fish next to a bunch of people. There are tons of spots to fish w/o people aroind you. Any river/stream in Oh has fish in it right now. Find some deep water w/ a current coming in from above, w/in 10 miles of the lake is a good place to start. Not sure why anyone would want kids to see all the bad manners that go w/ crowds. Combat fishing is not a good way to introduce kids to fishing,makes 'em think bad manners are to be expected/condoned,TC1
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    82.. Just a thought but depending how on much experience your boys have fishing you might want to set your mind that you yourself might not be doing a whole lot of fishing. Best be ready for it so that a great memory maker doesn’t go south fast. Between helping to land and net the fish, any snags, rerigging lines and the occasional tangled line you might be busy.

    I only wanted to remind you because I too have two boys that are a couple years older than yours and even though they know pretty much what they’re doing I still hear a lot of “Hey dad, come here!” when we’re on the river so I only fish when they don’t need the help. You and your boys will have a great time together whether or not you catch fish if you’re in the right frame of mind. Hopefully you’ll be able to hook a few during the down time. Good luck to the three of you and have fun.
  11. All,
    Thank you for the input. I have some pm's to check and respond to. It may turn out to be for not. We had our first parents meeting for wrestling and there is a scrimmage on one of the weekends that I could take off next month. The other time I could get off, next weekend, is also up in the air depending on how my younger sons football team does this saturday and sunday. If they win this weekend then they will play either sat or sun next weekend depending on who else in our league wins. Seems that this year will be no different then last. Both said they would be ok with a shorter trip for trout at the Mad, or bass in the big O, but I was really hoping for some father son time away from home, eating out and staying in a hotel.

    That said we all have chest waders and have waded many rivers/creeks in and around Cincinnatti/ Dayton/ Springfield area. They have both been fishing since about 2 years old, which is when my wife would allow me to take them near water, with a life vest on. My oldest son has really started to put it to me lately and only lacks my confidence and casting abilitity (which could be better), while my younger son has his good/bad days depending on how the fish bite. Corndawg; you hit the nail on the head. When I go with any of my six children, never more then two at a time, my gear spends more time high and dry then wet. Even though my eldest has become an excellant knot tier he still has me check his line for knicks and to make sure the knot will hold. It is worth it though since I get as much enjoyment out of watching them as I do when I have a fish on. I guess if nothing else I could always do a day trip by myself during the week. It just wouldn't be the same. Thanks again.


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    Even if you don't land any steelies you will have a good time and good memories. That being said sounds like you are a very busy individual this time year but remember this the rivre's up here will still produce good catches until the water level hits 55 degrees around the end of april beginning of may. My friends and I have had many a good time hitting the rivers and catching the fall back fish. Just my thoughts and enjoy the fishing.
  13. Pikeman is right on about pa. steeling . Your kids will love it. It's crowded but it's as good as it gets Have fun
  14. Last year me and my brothers fished the ashtabula river for steelhead for the first time................i actually had to ice my arm the next day......theres a dam off an old road that you can post up and fish the big pool (not sure on exact location if anyone can help), or if u have waders u can wade down stream. one of my brothers had a fly rod and that was working the best with fake eggs on it, until we got a hold of some real eggs. We used small bobbers with split shots and tipped hooks with eggs, literally almost every cast was a monster steelhead, i dont know if we were there on a good day or what but i was there the weekend before and we got nuthing. There was a snow flurry earlier in the week and that could have been the reason why the were running so good. However, do not eat fish out of this section of the ashtabula because its high in PCB contaminants
  15. So I will finally have some time off after Thanksgiving. Plan is to come up after my son's wrestling match on Friday. Just wondering if it will still be worth coming up. I have been reading posts and watching the flow rates and checking the weekly report. It seems, based on who is posting, that the rivers, due to the unseasonably cold temps, may be fishable but not have active fish. The extended forcast is calling for a warming trend next week. It is suppose to be in the low 40's next Friday and Sat, but raining :(. If the rivers are on the rise will this activate the fish? I really want to come up and experience Steelhead fishing for the first time with my boys but don't want them to freeze and be skunked. I have also heard that December is suppose to be unseasonably warm, by 10 degrees. Having never been to the rivers I really want to be sure before making the 4 hour trek. If we come up we will be staying in the Mentor area so we can hit either the Chagrin or the Grand. Thanks again for all the help.

  16. If the rivers are not locked up, you will get fish. Anytime the rivers are fishable from now until April you are pretty much guaranteed fish if you know what you are doing.
  17. Thanks to those that sent me usable information through PM's. As to the gentleman (and I use that term loosely) that thought it was necessary to send profane language to me don't bother answering any of my posts in the future and please refrain from sending me any more PM's. Not once did I ask for any specific places to fish. I only wanted to know how to fish for steelhead and a general idea of how to fish for them. And yes I had read all of the other posts already here, but without us new posters asking questions this forum would probably not exist. Not everyone lives within 2 blocks of the best steelhead fishing in the country so the rest of us rely on those that are close for what is actually going on there. I do not have the luxury to spend hundreds of dollars several times a month or at the drop of a hat when fishing is at its prime to drive 4 hours to learn the rivers and how to fish them. So without this forum I would have to drive up only to make my sons stand in the frigid waters while being rained on only to come home with them not wanting to go back. I understand that a lot of people on this forum do not like giving out information on the best spots to fish and black out the backgrounds on their photos. That is how they feel, and most of the time they are right to do so. But I would bet that none of them post irrelevant information nor send PM's that are uncalled for. If you do not want people in your best spots don't tell anyone, black out your backgrounds but don't waste my time and message space with useless profane messages that only make you look as small as you probably are. It is sad to think that this forum that has helped me in the past could actually have members that act this way. I guess that when I get home in the morning I will have to post some pictures of my sons fishing, that way no one else believes that I am a liar only out to get your best fishing spots. I do have a couple photos of my son wrestling, top one is him wrestling his 5th match of the day finishing third at the state qualifier, second one is at the State Middle School Championships last year at Ohio University in Athens, he finished in the top 16 after only wrestling for two seasons. Sorry if this offends anyone here but I just got caught off guard by the PM.


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  18. Thats a damn shame! Theres always got to be one....

    Anyways there r plenty of fish in the rivers. I have never fished the crowds and I do just fine. I generally wade and cast a mepps spinner tipped with eggsac, maggots, or a minnie. I get to cover alot of area this way, enjoy alot more scenery which is the next best thing to hooking up, fish fast or slow water, and generally I will find smaller holes that hold a few fish and hook up multiple times in one little area,and in the end catch more fish than the guy who sits in one hole all day, puting up with the crowd, and trying to get a fish to bite that has seen its share of presentations.
  19. bassman,
    Sorry you have to put up with the """GENTLEMAN"" that think they own the rivers and should be the only ones out there steelheading. Just remember that for every 1 gentleman there are 10 real stealheaders out there. And they are the ones that will help you out with whatever they can. Been stealheading for over 30 years and am really disgusted with the mentality out there now.
    If you go to the ohio dnr home page, click on fishing, highlight the "steelhead trout fishing" section it will take you to some links with maps of all the fishing hot spots on all the rivers in northern ohio.
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    That’s the Internet for ya. Unfortunately there’s a few richard craniums out there but the majority of the people here are more then willing to help if asked. If you ever decide to fish the Rock drop me a PM. Like stumpy said above, the popular spots can be crowded at times but there are plenty of little spots that will give up fish.