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Help with custom rod storage for garage

Discussion in 'Tackle Talk' started by RiparianRanger, Oct 4, 2017.

  1. RiparianRanger

    RiparianRanger Bronze > Gold

    Looking for ideas on storing about a half dozen rods in my garage. At the moment they're standing upright in a corner. Have a mix of spinning and casting setups ranging from 6'8" to 7'8" plus one three-piece fly rod. All with rod gloves. As the kids get older the collection may expand to 10-12 combos total.

    I've explored the store bought option like the one below. The problem is the clips don't permit the rods to be stored with the rod socks on them.

    I've also considered overhead on the ceiling and horizontal on the wall. Neither offers the space saving and ease of access I'm after. Vertical, standing on end is the best option given my garage layout.

    Anyone built a custom rack that can provide a photo that I can copy? Thanks in advance.
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  2. My father in law used pvc and bungees for 6 rods mounted to the wall in a corner out of the way. Drill hole in one side of pvc screw into the other side. Eye bolts and bungee for the tips, bungee doesn't need to be tight
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  3. maxpower

    maxpower Catch. Photograph. Release.

    I realize you said vertical was your best option, but I thought I would share these pics on a relevant thread; it might work for others. I have bike hooks and coffee cup hooks screwed into 2x4 boards. The boards are screwed into the basement beams. The small black hooks hold rods without reels, and the red bike hooks hold rods with reels. If I remember correctly, the hooks are approximately 3.5" apart (from red to black, black to the next red, etc.)

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  4. Whaler

    Whaler Whaler

    Maxpower that's a nice setup. I have a similar system in my basement.
  5. s.a.m


    If your putting them in the garage I would use the wasted ceiling space over the garage door. Just have to close the door to get them and put them away unless you have really tall ceilings. I just screwed 1 1/2"-2" pieces of pvc pipe to a 1x4 then to the ceiling.
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  6. RiparianRanger

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    Thanks, everyone. I whipped this one up in about three hours from scrap cedar 1x6 I had lying around. Would have been finished sooner if I didn't take a break to enjoy the Bolivar habano.

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  7. 9Left


    Peg Board works fine too... IMG_5338.JPG

    just cut the peg board to size and screw a 1" thick frame to the wall behind it so the pegs can be inserted in the board.
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  8. rods.jpg One of 2 racks.. 2 pieces of corner bead and 2 - 8' 1x2's. There's over 30 rods on here, some you cant see.
  9. ImageUploadedByOhub Campfire1510086437.285824.jpg

    Made a few of these, the possibilities are endless with pvc.
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  10. IMG_1885.JPG I used broken hockey sticks.