help with crappie

Discussion in 'Northeast Ohio Fishing Reports' started by little hooker, Oct 8, 2007.

  1. I wen't out to pymatuning last sat tried for crappie for three hours not even a bite, I was marking a bunch of suspended fish butt couldn't get them to bite,being new to crappie fishing i no i'm doing some thing wrong so if some can help with someone advice i would really appreciat it.thanks.
  2. location is the key. you need structure to catch them in pymie.I also went saturday and it was slow b/c i only caught 3. ive ALWAYS had more luck in the stumpfields just about 1 mile south of the padanaram ramp out from the islands where youll see the stumps sticking out of the water. CAUTION, when the water is low like right now you can accidentily run over stumps. this saturday i hit an underwater stump and almost flipped but was able to get over it so be careful. you will snag in this area so use heavier line and lightwire hooks with light sinkers. its almost impossible to not catch a fish while using a 1/8 ounce sinker about 2 ft. above a floating jig. these jigs are 4 for a dollar at gateway bait and tackle and will reduce snags b/c it floats your hook over the stumps. Always use small minnows. for some reason they work better. This rig will catch walleye, perch, bluegill, and catfish. last saturday i also caught a 6 lb. channel cat. I hope this info helps. if you have any questions just pm me.