Help With Canoe Identification

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  1. Okay, this relates to the other thread I started, but I wanted to add a new one because I'm trying to find the answer to this relatively quickly.

    I have located an Old Town canoe for sale, however, the woman who is selling it knows nothing about it, it was her father's canoe. Here is what I know.

    Old Town Canoe
    Model: reads Discovery 17 on the side

    Here is the info she sent me once she found the registration papers:

    Boat #: 3481 YT
    Type of boat: Canoe-HP
    Type of use: pleasure
    Water used: 00L
    Hin: none
    Type of prop: SP
    Hull Material: plastic
    Title issued: none
    Year: 1987
    Length: 16

    The problem I am having is that I can't find any info on a "Discovery 17". The only thing I have found is a Discovery Sport 17, which has a square stern, but the one I'm looking at isn't a square stern. So if anyone has any info on this or know where to find info on this, it would be greatly appreciated.

    I am looking for mainly info like Weight, width, depth...

    Just trying to see if this canoe might fit my needs. Also, I have 2 pics of the canoe on my computer that I could email, if that would help..

  2. I think i t is a discovery scout they were 16 ' about 35 " wide and weighed about 80 lbs,, that is why they quit making them to heavy