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  1. Here is the deal. Last weekend I was out trolling for eyes off of bever and my motor shout off before we could get the rods out. I sat a mineute and tried again and it started up, ran a few mineutes and died. It acted like it was out of gas(though the gauge said differently) so we were towed in and off to the gas station. I went back to the dock to see if it would run, and it did. It ran fine untill we got half way out the harbour then it died again. I took it to the mechanic and he said with the LOW PRESSURE we were getting it had a blown head gasket. Long story short, I ordered the parts, did the job myself and tried it out this afternoon .

    The motor started up and idled well in a bucket of water, so I waited a few mineuets and put muffs on it. It started fine and ran a few secounds, then died. Now it won't start.

    I have an alarm that goes off when we run wide open for awhile, it went off before it died last weekend.

    What does it sound like?????

    Any help would be great....... ANDREW
  2. UPDATE::::: I just went out and checked the fuel filter. I found a fuel/ water seperator, so I emptyed it and put it back on. It started up as soon as I turned the key, (not sure if messing with that helped or not). I hooked the muffs back on and it ran fine for 15 or 20 mins. A couple times it acted like it wanted to die, so I pumped the ball and it ran fine.

    ????? Andrew

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    it may just be the ball on the line...I have replaced many of them. It could be losing its prime...quick, cheap repair that youll probably need to do eventually....
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    I have an '89 Johnson GT150 that was doing something pretty similar to yours earlier this year.

    First off, if it were me I would go buy a new fuel/water seperator... it should be less than $15 for the filter. Go ahead and do the inline filter too, if you have one in the motor.

    I replaced the fuel line/primer bulb assembly and it didn't help a whole lot... but this doesn't mean you shouldn't try it. My assembly was not very old (been on there 3 years before I replaced it), so you may see it fit to replace yours.

    The alarm could be simply the lack of fuel. I know on my motor that an alarm goes off when its not getting fuel.

    If you have a VRO, check all the hoses going in and out of it. My motor troubles were 100% fixed when I found a pinched off hose from the VRO. It was the pulse hose and it affected how well my fuel pump pumped gas into the VRO.

    It might help to tell us what year your motor is so that somebody can help you more. Good luck with this!
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    your owners manual will tell you what alarm it was making. it may be overheating ,or no oil. and will go into S.L.O.W. which is a safety system built in to keep you from frying the motor.the alarms are different for each condition.
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    Oh, one other thing I forgot to mention was that I started running the Johnson/Evinrude 2+4 Fuel Treatment. I forgot to treat about 6 gallons in my last 12 gallon tank, and the motor did run a little doggish. Treated the remaining fuel and she ran like a champ. They recommend 1oz per 4 gallons if you're using the motor, and I stick to that.
  7. Thank you. I worked on it some this evening, and think I know what it is. One side gets real warm after just a few mins..... so I think it may be a bad thermostat. (sp)

    Sound right???