help where to fish cc on sunday

Discussion in 'Southwest Ohio Fishing Reports' started by Sleprock, Mar 26, 2008.

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    help i want to catch some fish at cc on sunday fishing from a canoe so i am eather going to haines ramp(top of lake creek), or the wellman medow ramp, these are my no wake zones, is anyone catching anything at cc? do i got a better shot up the creek where the y is, or should i look in the coves by wellman docks, help haven't been out yet this year.(not totaly true still fishless tough) p.s. are we still turneying april 12th.?
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    I think water levels are still going to be pretty high. I would put in where you find the best visability. I have not been out yet so I can't tell you where that is. Good Luck.

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    CC is still 16-ft above winter pool (13 above summer levels). I was at the Furnas Shores (steep ramp) Wed. If you know where the signs are by the ramp (legal bass length, musky scales, no fishing from docks), you can barely see the tops sticking out of the water. The color is like choc milk. Temp was 44. And more rain is on the way. GOOD LUCK!
  4. You may want to check but the last that I heard wellman was closed do to the high water.
  5. I was wondering myself. I have not been over to Haines road ramp this week. North Shore(Beach Ramp) is closed for the year I think (Construction). Wellman was closed on Easter. If someone knows otherwise please post, but I think you can launch at Furnas Shores and Haines. I hope to get time to get out this weekend. I would like to get out there with the water up like that. It would have to be a pretty net perspective. I think since that man drowned a couple years ago at 380 (Old New Burlington) they have tightened up high water access. They even have that area closed to vehicles by roping it off. Usually they would just put a Drum up with a warning sign.
  6. I had a buddy call me about an hour ago and said north pool furnace and wellman were all closed he did not try campsite or haines ramps.