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    Guys, I need help!

    I got off the phone w/ a gal from SBC around 10:10 PM tonight. I had an issue in which some MODS were aware of. I was told that I have a "Dynamic IP Address" through SBC DSL and this can be shared from time to time w/ others plus it could change every time I'm on. She said if I wanted my own specifc IP Adress I would have to upgrade to an SBC "Static IP Address".

    The problem, to make a very long story short is that someone used my IP Address. The lady I spoke w/ @ SBC spoke as little or less good english as my 2 year olds.

    Could someone explain to me in simple english what I can do. It seems like a lot to pay more $ per month (& I dont even know how much yet) to upgrade my DSL service just to change my ISP.

    Any help would be great.
  2. First of all I am not sure what issue you had with someone using you IP address and I doubt that you want to get into that here. I am really not sure of what the method being used to monitor users by IP address (whether it be here or other sites). However, it is not uncommon for IP addresses to be used by multiple people over a period of time. In fact for most of the dial-up scenarios folks may be getting a different IP address each time they connect to the internet. And as for DSL and Road Runner the same scenario occurs although perhaps they are not renewed by the individual quite as frequently. But the point I am trying to make is that many, many people here on this site and others have a dynamic address. In fact I would venture to guess the large majority do because as you say it costs more money to buy a static IP. I would pursue the issue with the mods if it were me. It seems that it may simply be an improper assumption on someone's part. I would not opt for paying the static IP simply for the reason that you stated.

    I hope this helps.

  3. H20 Mellon, You should still have an IP address even if someone is using your old one. Dynamic just means that you are handed an IP address from your ISP within a specific range. You can find out what your ip adress is by going to a command promt and typing ipconfig /all. This will tell what IP address was given to you. Its ok to get a different one, thats what its suppose to do. Like wise you can change it if you type ipconfig /release then /renew. This will get rid of your old IP settings and give you new ones. If static is what you want you can go into your IP settings, depending on what OS you have and enter one in the range of your network. Lets say your router is is on you can use or .3 or anything like that. do not use .1 as it may be your router. Make sure if you do you set your DNS settings and WINS settings to point to your router meaning you put in for DNS and WINS. That way you will be able to get outside of your router. Let me know if this makes sense. By the way, you should be able to find out what your router address is by using that SBC portal software that they supply you with. I have SBC myself and thats what i use. ipconfig should also tell you what it is, then just make yours the next one.
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    OKay, I think I'm more clear now. So it's not like I'm the only DSL user that has this Dynamic IP address. It stinks becasue I've never had anything happen when I was on dialup, then upgrade to SBC DSL & get a problem. What you said about possibly having a new IP each time si what SBC told me, it just didnt sound right, but now that more are telling me that same thing, I am more comfortable. I was steaming over the idea of having to upgrade my DSL just to stop this, but it sounds like its something that could have happened at any time, any person. I'm not into all the tech stuff, so I didnt even know there were different type of IP addresses.
  5. SteelieHunter,

    I have never dealt with SBC but part of what you mention does not make sense to me. Perhaps I am misunderstanding it. If you set your own TCP/IP settings to set the address, that does not ensure that the provider (SBC) will save that one for you. Am I thinking of that right? If the computer was turned off for long enough of a time then SBC could expire that IP and lease it out to another customer?
  6. H2O Mellon,
    You are right that it could heppen to anybody. Perhaps as others read this we may get some idea of whether others are static or dynamic. I just suspect that most will be dynamic. Many may answer that they do not know which would most likely mean that their is dynamic as well.
  7. Steeliehunter,

    I think I am following what you are saying in your post. By using the software provided by SBC you can see which IP they will issue you and then set your system to "try" to maintain that one. However, I imagine they have their system set to expire leases at an interval short enough that it could get you at times if you were not on all of the time.
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    I get this after I type: ipconfig/all:

    Node Type: Unknown
    IP Routing Enabled: No
    WINS Proxy Enabled: NoDNS SUffix Search List: domain_not_set.invalid

    I also see where it says My Lease obtained w/ todays date @ 9:20AM, but expired today @ 9:30 AM
  9. Like I mentioned earlier, I have never dealt with SBC DSL so I am going to let Steeliehunter answer that question as he sounds like he has a pretty similar setup.
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    Thanks for your help guys, I gotta go to work not, but thanks for helping.
  11. BKR34050, you are correct, this does not guarentee that you will be able to keep this address, but if you dont want to pay for a static one you can always try this. I didnt know if he was just concerned that he didnt know his IP address and was worried that someone was using it. I myself am setup to be dynamic and it doesnt bother me. No one can have the same address unless the PC is turned of for a period of time, the lease expires or it is done manually with the ipconfig command - as far as the client side goes. The DHCP server is actually the machine that hands out the addresses.Basically it has a pool of numbers in which it will pull from. It is very easy to administer and once its setup not too much can go wrong. This is most likely the reason its cheaper for ISp's. If im having problems I will usually manually release/renew my ip settings and it clears things up. Having a dynamic IP is nothing to worry about, just as long as you have network connectivity. :cool:
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    Simple solution is to just leave your computer on all the time. Broadband providers sometimes cycle IP addresses but typically they do not. As long as you leave everything on, you'll retain the IP you grab until next time you cycle the machine.

    I'm on WOW Internet, I've had the same IP for about 5 months now :)
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    Oh cool, hey I can do that. Sounds simple enough.

    Thanks for your help guys.