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  1. I’ve got a 1950’s Buccaneer 5hp motor that I’d like to test. It supposedly run the last time it was at the water, a couple of years ago. But I have heard that story one too many times and take it for granted. I want to get it running at my house before taking it to the water but I don’t know exactly how. The main problem is I can’t tell where the water intake is located. I have “earmuffs” for my bigger motor that I could use on it but I don’t know where to put it. So I’ve been told I could put it in a barrel of some sort full of water. Does anyone here have experience with this method? This motor is pretty heavy so what kind of barrel could I find? Is there a better way besides putting it on the boat and going to the water? Thanks in advance for the help; you guys are always big help.
  2. 55 gal drum/barrel and take the prop off;)

  3. ahh take the prop off, now that's good advice. A 55 gal. drum is what I had in mind too. I"m in N.Columbus; does anyone know where I can find a 55 gal drum?
  4. Large-drum trash-can will work too...

    Just make sure whatever you is deep enough to get water well up the shaft of the motor...

    If you fire it up and water doesn't start peeing out rather quickly....shut 'er down...
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    Maybe it's air cooled?
  6. i remember when i was a kid my dad used a 55 gal drum to fix a 7 hp motor he fixed the motor before putting it on the lake
  7. I put my 5 hp on a saw horse and then stick the foot in a 30 gallon trash can filled with water
  8. I have used a sturdy sawhorse and a plastic barrel similar to one that car wash soap comes in. B e careful of motor shake so it does not topple the sawhorse. Also a steel 55 gal drum filled with water will be very stable. You an purchase drums for under $50. If you are testing indoors be sure you have ventilation and be very carefull with the gasoline. If in your garage you would be wise to have the proper fire extinguisher handy.
  9. Pull the plugs, lubricate and manually crank first.
    I forget what type of lube I was "advised" to use when I tested a 5hp that hadn't been run in years.

  10. i have seen repair shops spray a little wd-40 in the spark plug holes and turn the egine over a few time with the plugs left out. then put plugs in give it a try.
  11. yeah, that is possible. I have a '71 Tecumseh 5hp and it's air cooled, pretty cool---like a lawn mower engine!
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    The Buccaneer is actually a Gale outboard which was produced by Outboard Marine and Manufactoring in the 50's. AKA OMC. There were also a few sold under the Western Flyer badge at Western Auto. Spark plug should be a J-6J
    Champion (L-7J). Oil mix is 1/2 pint 30 weight to 1 gal. Spark plug gap .030
    Contact point gap .020. I can,t remember if they were air cooled or not. And I don,t have one in my collection. Most air cooled outboards generally don,t have a lower shroud around them and have a lot of cooling fins cast on the block. Post a pic? Raider
  13. Man you guys are awesome. I haven't started this project yet but I already feel much more confident with the tips that I got. I will put a pic up if I have any more questions. Thanks again!
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    A 55 gallon drum for 50 bucks man I get them free.they come from Greece ( over seas ) not cooking grease.and had olive oil in them. still had about a pint in them.very sturdy and yep you bet painted with no lead paint as this is a food product.lot drums out mills are not usable and are junked due to the contains.plastic as out car wash ok.but they will need wood re inforced or as you say saw horse.any one want any these let me know I get you a few.but I want the olive oil out them. mmmmm this is real top it is used by a place making Spagettee sause.