help seperating my rod

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by crappielooker, Oct 9, 2005.

  1. crappielooker

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    hey guys.. i got a dilemma here.. after spending the entire weekend on the bank fishing, my rod decided to not come apart.. what can i do to help it comes apart??
    thanks ..
  2. a little ear wax on them before putting them together fixes this ;)

  3. Not sure what the connection is made of, I am recomending some hot water in hopes of expanding the outer sleave. Try just pouring it on and before it completely cools or the heat moves to the inner sleave, try pulling it apart. A little...very little lube after cleaning should help in the future
  4. The warm water along with a slight twisting motion should work. I always use ear wax but there are commercial ferrule lubes available. A slight twisting motion at time of assembly works better than simply a straight push.

    To simly eliminate the problem in the future, only use one piece rods. :p ;) :D
  5. freyedknot

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    or try some wd 40 and tap on the ferrules lighty to get it to work into them.
  6. crappielooker

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    i tried the water and the wd40 trick already and it doesnt work.
  7. viper1

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    Take 2 of the rubber grippers women use for opening lids on jars. Or archers use the same thing for pulling arrows. Its just a piece of some kind of rubber that grips well. Get a hold on one side with one and have a friend to grap the other side with one. As close as you can and pull straight back. Watch the sudden release and don't forget to put petroleum jelly or lube of somekind before doing it again.
    Try a little twisting with the pull.
  8. I put the rod behind my knees and hold the sides with opposite hands with my arms just outside of my knees. Widen your legs with your hands still locked on the rod and let your legs do the work, because they are a lot stronger then your arms. It might sound wierd, but it definitely works.
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    Ak,sent ya a PM man.

  10. An oldtimer showed me years back to rub the ferrules at the crease where your nose and cheeks meet. Or use your finger to collect the natural oils, then rub the ferrules. Your body oils work great.
  11. fffffish

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    If all else fails place the joint over your knee and push down hard you will have your 2pcs rod again. Have you ever had the end come off while fighing a fish and slide down the line gota love those 2 pcs :)