Help, Raccoon Needs Home

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by amazing189, Jul 29, 2007.

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    Not sure if this is the most appropriate place to ask the sorts of things I'm about to....:eek: My Mother In-Law has a pet (sort-of), well yes pet raccoon that she is hoping to relocate. I know, relocate..haha. Well in the spirt of harmony, I spoke before I thought :confused: and said, "hey maybe one of the guys on OGF would know of some sort of raise and release or other means of finding a home for her." (the raccoon, not the mother in-law) sorry guys......But, she definately doesn't want to send it off to die. My mother in-law found her as a baby in the yard & helped to get it healthy. She's had her too long & she's grown to the point where it's become unmanageable.

    I know there are all kinds of arguements about bringing wild animals into homes & agree. However, it doesn't change the fact that it is there to deal with (if I know what's good for me..haha). Any suggestions would be greatly I'm off to google for solutions..Thanks!

  2. I had several raccoons when I was younger. Come to think about it My wife and I had one in the apartment we rented. All of them we got when they was real young but after a few months, as you probably found out, they grow BIG and get a little ornery. lol Each one of them ran off looking for a "party" lets say.
    So if its healthy and over 6 months old it will be just fine let loss in the woods. My son cought at least 12 this year eating the cats food and we take them down to the river let them lose.

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    you're right.this is not the best place to deal in wild animals.the same subject was brought up recently,and as noted then,there are laws in certain places agaist such things.
  4. my sister has a permit (or whatever is needed) to have a raccoon. She just rescued one about a month ago, it was a baby. After it's initial check-up/vaccination vet visit, they found he had something wrong with his heart, and wouldn't make it past 2 months. She may wish to have another, but I'm not certain. I'll check with her.
  5. it's instincts will take over.
  6. I agree with Trucked...release it. Food is plentiful right now and it's instincts will probably take over quickly.