help other stay out of the doghouse this Valentines Day

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by Toxic, Feb 2, 2009.

  1. Toxic

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    Stay out of the doghouse this year. It's only a few day away. Let give others who (like myself) are giftly challenged some ideas for the misses who put up with us going hunting and fishing all day long. Who knows, it may save a life LOL:p
  2. Gju42486

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    yea i need alot of help too! I need about 5 or 6 different gifts so i can have everyone covered.

    I heard theres a new swifter wet jet coming out? any truth to this???

    Also thinking about one of those scrubber thingy's for dishes so she dont get her hands all soapy and these work? :confused:

  3. Great post Toxic! Lets hear those ideas guys.

    Gju, I don't house cleaning supplies are going to rank very high :), but to each their own. Now, how about a dishwasher so she doensn't have to wash the dishes anymore!
  4. Toxic

    Toxic Defensor Fortis

    Guys, buying cleaning supplies is a one way ticket to the doghouse or even worse the morgue:eek: .
  5. Wannabitawerm

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    How do you turn a dishwasher into a snowblower? Hand her a shovel!!!

    Seriously, ask her friends for gift ideas. Usually they have a better idea than anyone. Let her sleep in, make breakfast, send her out for the day, get a sitter and go out with her, do something you both have never done before but talked about doing. Anything that show you're listening to her and are interested in her ideas and wants. Being romantics helps as well if she is into that sort of thing.
  6. Columbusslim31

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    Surprisingly, my wife is the one woman who actually wants cleaning supplies/gadgets. For instance, she wants me to buy her a carpet cleaner for her birthday! Last year I gave her a Walmart gift card because she's so hard to buy for, and she goes and buys a new vaccuum! She doesn't understand why I get upset about this, but I try to explain to her that gifts are supposed to benefit HER not both of us (lingerie notwithstanding). Thanks for this thread. Hopefully we get some good advice because otherwise, per her requests, she may end up getting that new automated shower cleaner or some CLR...
  7. Flip-Flops my wife buys like 5 pairs of those things a year from Old Navy, So I figured I would buy her some new ones before I take her to Miami in April. Then I went with the Personalized M-M's.
  8. I will try to make V-day big for my wife, daughter, & mom this year. I'm sure seperate dinner outings are in the mix for that weekend.
    My wife is easy to please by just going shopping with her for one or two outfits. Daughter likes to pic her own clothes which makes me nervous at times. Gotta go with her too. Mom & wifey both really appreciate the thought; but, they all like cash.
  9. Fishers of Men

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    That's right, Mine kept after me for a new push mower and I got her one for her birthday and have never heard the end of it since. That was 10 yrs ago.

    George, the reason you have problems is because, look how you treat them.
    This gal you left standing at the dock at 72nd st. was crying her eyes out and waited and waited for you to come home.
    I felt so sorry for her, I had to give her a ride out to look for you and lo and behold you were no where to be found. So, I let her fish a while.

    Really, I just do the gift card thing anymore and that way there cant be any problems. Flowers (waste, don't need) got me in trouble. Candy (fat) got me in trouble. Oh, we could start a new thread!
  10. Guys, try the edible arrangment things, they're great! jus got my girlfriend one a couple weeks ago for our anniversary and it was a big hit!! kinda works like the flowers and candy but no where near as worthlless cause its fruit and you can eat it obviously and they're really tasty. so they can't crab about it being unhealthy!! WWW.EDIBLEARRANGEMENTS.COM i paid 47 bucks for a good sized one and then 12 to have it delivered to me cause i didn't wanna drive to twinsburg to pick it up
  11. Fishers of Men

    Fishers of Men Senior Member

    66-80$ for a jar of fruit? I'll buy her a bag of grapes, take 'er down to watch the trains go by and use the money for fishin!
    Wonder why I always have to hear it huh? :confused:
  12. turkeymikey

    turkeymikey turkeymikey

    Jewelry!!! You can never go wrong with it! K-Mart has really good sales on it. A lot of their stuff is 70% off! Gold is gold no matter where it comes from.

    You can get the best flowers you can find at Sams club. Their roses are as cheap as you can find them and they last a long time! Last year you could get 2 dozen for around $30.
  13. ok ok fellas ill give one of my secrets away, for those fellas that are head over heels and thinking about getting married or just got married recently you can use this one and your lady will just melt in your arms, go and buy 11 long stemmed roses, then go by one silk long stemmed rose and when you give them to her, tell her you are going to love her till these roses wilt, make sure the silk one is in the bunch for a full dozen but hidden, itll never die, itll never wilt, and make sure she knows that!!!!!!!!!!!!

    also can go the route of a crystal or glass rose, and let her know when this rose is a symbol of your love and that it will never wilt!!!
  14. Dddddd...aaaaa....aaaaa....nnnnn....gggg....ggggg......that is good my man.
  15. jennis9

    jennis9 Fish against the fish...

    Always think spa... manicure, pedicure, facial, massage. OR if you're on a budget, candles, music CDs, bubble bath and/or pampering items are items that are just for her, and make her feel spoiled.

    A bottle of wine and a gift certificate is cool too.

    a simple dinner is nice -- but it always shows extra effort if you make a reservation - even if you only go out for desert and coffee. You can make dinner or appetizers at home and then go out to keep it reasonable.

    Another winner is sending her on a gals night out while you babysit.

    Keep away from stuffed animals, they're toys for children.
  16. reelmanly

    reelmanly Set The HOOK!!!!!!!!

    After 23 years of the same woman it's still as if it was only yesterday we met and took the fall, by Loving my wife and showing it on a constant basis throughout the year Mentally, Physically, and Materialisticly, I could give her a small box of Candy, a Bouquet of flowers and a Card ,but the thing she appreciates most is being wrapped up in my arms as I whisper in her ear How much I Love her, she knows that everyday is Valentine's, Christmas,etc or just the plain fact that everyday we are a part of each other's heart, needless to say, gifts are not that important in our life as we each totally agree, I'm not a rich nor poor man but she always feels like a million as our life unfolds to the end. Mine is not a wanting, but a giving person, she would honestly rather see me get some fishing gear than waste it on a day someone came up with to keep certain retailers pockets fat. Me to her and Her to I = the best Valentine's gift that money CAN'T buy. Spend the money boys I'm gettin a new reel.:p
  17. Fishers of Men

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    That's about the way it works here really, she is a giving person, 36 yrs, don't really "need" anything, go out to eat or what ever, nothing is really expected but the little things mean a lot to her...I like to pick on her tho.
    Ever since chemo, I have to be very careful tho because her feelings gets hurt VERY Very easily.
    Always tells me to go, get out of here. Maybe she just likes to get rid of me??? LOL
  18. corndawg

    corndawg Go Bulldogs!!!

    Reelmanly pretty much hit it on the head, my wife’s more of a giver than a taker and would probably be pissed if I “wasted our money” on flowers or gifts. I’ve shown her my love for her every day for the last 21 years so anymore valentines is just another day to her.

    Anyhow, here’s how I’m gonna roll. Sending the kids to grandmas for the night, then cook her a nice meal or take her out, her choice. After dinner open a good chilled box of wine (JFK, it’ll be a bottle) and give her a foot massage with warm oils. By the end of the night, should be a win/win for both of us :) .
  19. Hetfieldinn

    Hetfieldinn Staff Member

    I was gonna buy the ole' lady an expensive watch, but then I remembered that there's a clock on the stove.
  20. true2plue

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    Knock a woman off her feet on Valentines Day!! Buy her some cubic zirconia!!:p :p BLING BLING!!