Help on Leesville

Discussion in 'Northeast Ohio Fishing Reports' started by schraepf, Jun 26, 2007.

  1. I've been hitting Leesville for bass for the past 2 weekends (I have a friend with a cottage) but haven't gotten a single bite. Anyone have suggestions?
  2. I've been fishing Leesville for bass for years. Although I haven't been fishing it as much in the past couple of years. I did fish it this morning though for a few hours. We did catch them before it got too hot. My experience's there have always been best around the fallen timber, which there is plenty of. One thing I noticed today is that there is no grass near the shorlines. Don't know if they killed it? A combination of the grass and the timber always made this lake a good trip. I've caught most of my fish here on plastic worms, Texas rigged. It's a deep lake, right up to the banks. Finding fish is usually not hard, its finding the bigger ones that can be difficult. We have caught some big fish here though. My first wall hanger came from Leesville! I'll say it again, fish the fallen timber with soft plastics. That's probably your best bet right now. I have also had success here with spinnerbaits. Also, I've always had better luck at the end of the lake where Clow's Marina is located.