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Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by Rocknfish, Dec 27, 2008.

  1. Hey fellas, was fortunate enough to recieve a handheld GPS for Christmas and was wondering what you all feel about handheld units.This will be my first time using GPS(since the Marine Corps) and was looking for advice on them.Will I be able to use it to mark spots on Lake Erie while smallie fishin?Thanks for the help...Aaron
  2. Wannabitawerm

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    You should be able to. I use mine on Erie all the time.

  3. Whatcha get? I have a Garmin e-trek legend. Great for marking hot spots plus if you in an area like Georgian Bay, it will help you find your way back to camp. Great in fog too.
  4. Congrats on your new toy. Yes you will be able to mark and return to your hot spots, ports, etc. I used a handheld for a little over 1 year. (Garmin Etrex) The major drawback is the small size of the screen. You did not mention the brand or model but as far as a GPS it will function great if it is of good quality.
    I now have a Lowrance with a 5" screen and keep the held on the boat as a backup
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    It will work just fine. Handhelds are better than none, that's for sure. Do yourself a favor and get a holder that mounts to your dash. Also get a power cord that plugs in to the ciggy lighter. Batteries are costly and unreliable. Lastly, read the manual so you understand everything it can do for you.
  6. Great advice fishinguy. I have the suction cup mount that works great on the windshield. The power adapter is a must as you mentioned batteries won't cut it.
  7. It is a Garmin Oregon 300.Looks like you can purchase nautical maps for specific bodies of water as well.That will be a big help.The owners manual is on cd-rom wich is interesting in itself.Probably check it out here afterwhile.Good ideas for the mount.Thing boat is pretty small and doesnt have a cigerette lighter for powering the unit up.Gotta do some research.
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    You can but a ciggy lighter from radio shack or somewhere, and mount it. Or just hard wire the power cord to the the battery. Make sure you use a in line fuse, maybe 3 amp or so.
  9. Aaron

    I have been using a handheld Garmin that I mounted in my boat using a cheap cell phone mount I got at an auto parts store. I also installed a 12v outlet for power. As you may remember I also have a small boat.

    We live close so if you want to see the setup drop me a PM.