Help on a cracked block Please

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  1. On my buddys outboard there is a small crack behind the power pack it is leaking water out of it when runing. Its is aluminum block.Im going to fix it for him I was thinking about useing some JB WELD but some one told me there some stuff out there like JB weld but super strong and will with stand the heat. dose any one know what it would be? :confused:

    Or should i just you the JB WELD? The leak is not that bad but want to get it sealed up...

    P.S it is a Johnson motor
  2. JB should work but dont use the quick set for this application. If the JB doesnt work find a good welder in your area to TIG it. Brian

  3. cracked blocks are a pain , do it right take it off ,to a machine shop and they;ll do you a good job , glues don;t hold forever on metal that heats and cools . show it to them and get there input before you dismanteal ,they could save you time/money.

  4. Dose any one know of a good tig welder around my area? Im loc in dayton ohio...

    Also how much is something like this cost to do? My buddy dont want to have alot of money in this boat...
  5. What do the spark plugs look like. If they're steam cleaned (no carbon buildup) the crack is into the jugs. If you leak water in them you're going to be spending a bunch of money soon. I don't know how much your buddy wants to put in it, but if it's cracked into the it like it's stolen, then get a replacement powerhead. You'd also be advised to fix whatever caused the engine to crack. Cooling problems most likely, check waterpump, etc. Just fixing the result doesn't matter if you don't find and fix the cause.
  6. The pulgs has carbon buildup on them they look like they should... It had the lower part rebuilt last year with a new warter pump put in. How much is a new powerhead cost?
  7. should be all kinds of them around the Air Base, I was a air frame welder they are good enough to weld air craft
  8. What HP motor? I have a 25 hp power head for sale.
  9. on Iboats, a new PH costs $3200 plus refundable $500 core charge with the old one...if it's a 93, using what is on your signature.