Help, need aluminum hull weld repair!

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  1. My Starcraft all welded aluminum deep V boat developed separate 1" and 8" longitudinal cracks in the hull near the keel near beginning of curve up to bow, unfortunately in an area that was contacting the center channel on my trailer. Thanks to Nautical1 Marina out of Lorian for the improper trailer set-up and my lack of experience/knowledge. I'm done with the whine, except to mention that my bilge pump died at almost same time while in Quebec! However, no one was injured, stranded or worse, so I'm fortunate that my boating was cut one day short last week.

    Can someone recommend a good place to have my aluminum boat weld repaired in Akron/Canton area? How expensive are such weld repairs? Do they lay a bead of weld or attach a patch plate? Do these kind of repairs hold up? Any experiences or advise appreciated.
  2. How they repair the damage and the cost will vary from case to case. One thing I learned is, do not try to grind paint away from the areas, trying to clean it up so they can weld it. Let them do it, as I ended up making it harder than it should have been, therefore more expensive. I'm not going to venture a guess as to the cost because it can vary greatly. But, I wouldn't expect it to be a huge amount. When done well, the repair will last forever.

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    did you try the dealer,or call starcraft ?? welding aluminum can be very tricky . welds can make the other areas brittle causing other areas to crack.sorry no help there is an aluminumboatrepair website if you do a search you will find it.
  4. If the boat is new, yes have it done professionally.

    On my older Starcraft I am very happy with JD weld that I did myself. Great stuff.

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    I belive there is a welding place on south main near the lakes...
  6. Boatmasters State park marina on manchester road offered to repair, freiss not interested, nor was norton marina
  7. Upon closer inspection, I must conclude that improper trailer set-up and/or impact from submerged rock contributed to cracks in hull near keel. The welded channel on keel in area of cracks has some decent scrapes but no dent and the hull has a shallow dent near longer crack from possible local buckling (no surface dings to suggest direct impact). I hit a rock pretty hard (throttling up to about 5-7 mph) during my trip to Lake Mistinikon Ontario which deposited 1/2 my skeg into the drink. I won't waste my time dreaming of warranty coverage which only covers welds.
  8. You can try it yourself it you are handy. They make aluminum rod with flux that you can use with a propane or mapp gas torch. Just follow the instructions and it is pretty easy as long as you go slow and allow the area to cool. It wont look they greatest probably but is the cheapest. You can Also go to what used to be Perry welding on south main by downtown. I think they are called linde now, but not sure . They can weld it for you. I bought a used boat from Atwood that was a rental and found a couple of cracks while cleaning. I repaired what I could using the first method and had Perry weld the crack where the seams overlappped. Good Luck
  9. Boatmasters State Park Marina (Manchester Road just south of route 619, south of Akron) finally welded my boat. $250 for about a foot of weld, but a professional job. I'm sure there's better deals out there if I had found an aluminum welder directly, but I didn't have time or desire to shop much and wanted professional fix on my 2.5 yr old boat....

    A comment on Norton Marine, I've previously struggled to get a couple simple items for my plane jane 40hp Merc and got a run around when I asked about welding. Those that get good service must have bought their boat there or whispered sweet nothings in the right person's ear.