Help me with a score??

Discussion in 'Bucks and Does' started by ClickerCrazy, Nov 1, 2008.

  1. My friend got this deer on his trail cam and we where trying to estimate a score. Figured he was probably a 3 1/2yr old and we both agreed on that. However we are at a disagreement as of what the rack would score. I was thinking around 135....he saying around 100. Let me know what you think.

  2. Impossible to tell from those pictures as cannot tell if there are brow tines and what the spread might be. Takes a lot more in all categories than that buck has to get to 135.

  3. I would say..115 range. Judgin on the pic.
  4. From the photos and lack of thickness in the rack I tend to agree with your buddy... The deer doesn't look very wide either, 100-110range as a guess. If you give him another year or two and you will have a real trophy there.
  5. nicklesman

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    I agree nice young buck around probably 100-110
  6. Snook

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    Guessing 110-115. It takes a good buck to score 135. Most hunters who see a 140 class buck would swear he is boone and crockett.:) ...:!
  7. One Legged Josh

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    My guess would be 2 1/2 years old anound 100-110 B&C. Nice Buck!
  8. tcba1987

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    i dont know what hed score but hes definitely a nice buck !! i know id be proud to hang him on the wall !!!
  9. 100-115...I have a 136 hanging on the wall and he is alot bigger than that buck. That buck is still a shooter in my book though. Good luck getting him!
  10. BigSteve

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    Does it really matter? Is he a trophy to you?
  11. It is always hard to judge from pictures, but that buck simply isn't close to the 135 inches you are hoping for. I'd say 110-115 as some others have said.
    A 135 inch 8 pointer is a pretty large 8 point buck - that buck may be a 135 inch deer next season if he makes it.
  12. I agree with snook on the score.