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    I have tried wading the Mad my last couple times out. This may sound stupid, but what is the best way to do it? I am parking at the various bridges. There are always a few cars/trucks there, but I see no one. Do waders just walk up/down the river until they find holes to fish? I haven't had any luck and just wondered if there is something I am missing. I know it sounds dumb I guess, but I am used to floating the river and have never walked it. How do you not scare the fish away when wading? Where is everyone when they are out there? Upriver? Down river? Any advice would be appreciated.
  2. I always wade upstream from where I put in.

  3. I wade both up/downstream primarily to get deeper into the middle of the river or to forde the river and to traverse areas that are not shore accessible. If I can travel by shore, I do as it's generally a lot faster.

    If necessary, I fish the area(s) before I wade into the river to minimize the impact I have on the fish population.
  4. Well, if you wade upstream, than youre going to have to wade downstream as well lol.
    I start off wading upstream, because you cast against the current, and retrieve back to you ( fishing with the current ). Because it looks more natural to the fish to see a small lure (baitfish) swimming downstream. If that makes sense ( it did to me lol )
  5. Also, don't be to worried about scaring the fish. I generally wade the opposite side. Lets say Im wading on the right side of the river, well I will cast upstream on the left side ( and let it come downstream back to me ). but the fish arent really that " spookable " in the rivers around here, because of the fact theyre use to waders, and boaters/yakers etc. I dont know how many fish swim between my legs while wading .