Help me pick a name!

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  1. Our son is due to be born on Sept. 26. He needs a name. I like Zeke and my wife likes Eli. But we're having trouble deciding so give me your best names first and middle. Heres the kicker it has to flow with my last name, Kidd. Play along if you want no prizes will be given out however we might be able to do something nice if we use someones idea. Later Jeremy
  2. misfit

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    easy...................................................billy joe kidd:D

    change a little spelling and it works for boy or girl;)

  3. seethe303

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  4. stumpsitter

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    Shirley Ulysses-

    Shirley U. Kidd

    I once new a guy named Shirley. We called him Chip.
  5. Name him Merle, the ladies will love it
  6. misfit

    misfit MOD SQUAD

    i assume that was derived from the one he carried on his shoulder due to having a name like shirley?:eek:

    seriously,i also knew a guy named shirley.:confused:
  7. If I ever would have a son, id name him after the great Gracie family of brazil.
    Rickson, Royler, Rhalan, or Renzo. Helio would always be the middle name.
  8. Seaturd

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    I used to work with a guy named Shirley.

    William T. Kidd
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  10. Justin Casey

    Just in case he don't like it he can change it.
  11. Mushijobah

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    Chris - never met a Chris who wasn't a badass.
  12. would go with Eli, if you go with Zeke your son will be in the back of every class and at the end of anything he ever does, on the other hand you will never have to be on time for anything, I changed my mind go with Zeke.
  13. SwollenGoat

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    Just don't name him'll come back to haunt you later. :D
  14. ELI zackarya KIDD . there now move on to my jim[ look at it this way E-Z - kidd] p/s I like steak!!!
  15. Eli Kidd has a great ring to it. It also sounds SO much better than Zeke Kidd.
    Don't get me wrong...I like the name Zeke. A friend of mine named his dog Zeke. ;)

    When I first think of the name Zeke I think of a toothless hillbilly (No offense to anyone named Zeke....that just comes from watching too many movies), while the name Eli reminds me of a intelligent good looking leading man (again with the movie reference). :)

    Just my opinion...nothing more.

    Congratulations on your new fishing partner! May he give your wife an easy time of it! Good lucK and Best Wishes!

    p.s. I just saw Bountyhunter's reply. I really like his combo. That's awesome.
  16. alot of famous people are named eli. eli roth eli manning,eli whitley. just for examples
  17. BrianSipe17

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    Never met a Chris that wasn't a bad a$$??? Then I will introduce you to my gay cousin... Chris
  18. stumpsitter

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    ...he may still be a bad a$$

    How 'bout Fletcher(Fletch) or Hunter??
  19. Go with Eli.

  20. Who the heck is eli whitley? I know Eli Whitney invented several things...cotton gin for one. Never heard of the famous eli roth says something about a film director.

    Howabout Ima Bustyouup for a first and middle name?