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  1. I just a boat this year and know nothing about drifting or jigging. I see jigging with a half of a worm and casting into the weeds about 6 to 8fow seems to be the best. How do you guys reel in when jigging? Do you just pop your rod like your bass fishing untill it's back to your boat? When you troll there what do you troll with? I have some walleye divers and erie dearies. Thanks
  2. That's the great thing about jigs. They are so versatile. Most of the time I lift my rod to pick up the jig about 6" then drop it so the jig just hops along the bottom. Sometimes the fish want it up further, sometimes you can drag it on the bottom. When you're drifting you can just hop it along without having to reel in the slack line. The boat drifting will pull it tight again. As far as trolling, I like shadraps but hot&tots, wally divers, etc. will also work. You can use weights and get floating rapalas down to them as well. Depends on the time you are fishing. I like to have a plastic grub or something on my jigs then a small piece of crawler but my buddy Bobby usually doesn't and he does really well too. Good luck and let us know how it goes.

  3. When I fish their I use a floating jig head or a one blade spinner, I drift with a floater with a walking sinker about 3ft ahead so the sinker is hitting the bottom and the floater is about 1 or 2 ft off the bottom. Size of sinker depends on how fast the drift is. With a spinner I use a split shot and fish it off the bottom if the drift is fast. I do really good with this set up .!%
  4. Donald;

    Keep your jig in the weeds, once you get the hang of fishing in them on this lake, you won't want to leave.

    Until you get the hang of fishing them, try tying on a slip bobber 3-4 feet above an 1/8 oz jig with or without a tail and some crawler or a leech. Throw in the weed pockets, if you don't get a hit in a couple minutes try another pocket.

    Good Luck, you'll get 'em!!!

    tabuki;) :G
  5. For the open parts of the lake, I get RoadRunner painted jig heads with blood-red hooks at Walmart-1/8 oz. in a ten pack. Fish one on each of two rods perhaps using two different colors, each with a half a crawler. Stop the side of the boat you want to fish FROM into the wind(direction from which its blowing). Your boat 'should' drift perperdicular to the wind. Let out enough line just to feel the bottom(your rods should throb a little when you're just touching bottom). ?Damn, did I just say that?
    The RR jig heads have everything you want-the color, the flash from the bottom blade, and the weight to keep you in the fish zone. If you like, add a rubber grub body to the jig. You can use half a crawler or minnow with or without the grub. On boat direction, control-if the boat doesn't stay perpendicular to the wind, try an electric trolling motor burst occasionally to keep it in that configuation. Should you end up in one of Skeeter's stump fields(a good place to fish, by the way), plan on loosing some tackle! It's part of the game...
    ps-If the wind's out of the north, be sure you take along some good reading materials-or, some good brew!!
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    I would be using those for drifting.......but I'm sure they could be used for trolling if your speed was 1.2, maybe 1.3 or less. Thought I'd add my 2 cents..
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    get out there at sun rise thats your best shot at geting one the days i do well out there i have most of my fish by 800 am
  8. When drifting also look for ledges on your depth finder. If you can find depth changes of 4-8 ft. quickly, these area's work well for me. At mosquito there are two great colors that stand above the rest for me with a half a crawler. They are Bright Orange and Bright Orange. Save the Chartruse for the stumps at Pymie...
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