Help Me.... Buying a Used Maxum....

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  1. Me and a friend have been looking to get ahold of a used boat that is roomy for the families, able to be skied and tubed behind, then used for us when we are catfishing the Ohio (Comfortable fishing).

    I came across a 1992 Maxum 2100 XR (21ft) Open bow with a 120 Force Outboard. The guy is asking $6000 for it which is close to our price range.

    The boat has some oxidation on it, but that should buff out pretty well. Looking at the seats, I seen 2 cushions that had some seperation in the seems which I would go ahead and have reapolstried. The carpet looked fine, no tears or wear spots just needs a good cleaning up. The boat has a cover on it and it looks like the cover has been kept on it most of the time. The bimini top is with it and it looks like its brand new. Looking at the hull I see no signs of any damage, just scratches from loading on the trailer runners. My buddy talked to the owner the other day and was told the lower unit of the motor has been rebuilt. I went over there today to look at it but no one was there for me to ask questions..

    I plan on going back later this week to talk to the owner, is there any questions I should be asking about a boat like this? Does anyone have any comments or own a boat similar to this one? Does this sound like a good deal? Does anyone know what it might cost to get the seats redone? Has anyone had any experience with the 120 Force motor? Before I make any offer or attempt to deal with the guy, I want him to take it out on the water with me and run it around the lake.

    I currently own a small 14ft 10 hp Jon boat and a small 16ft 30 hp bass boat, but I dont know much about boats of this size so any comments or help would be greatly appreciated!!!

    Thanks in advance....
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    I would be concerned about motor size...Don't know if you would be able to get a skier up with 120? on 21 ft. boat. Definately take it out on a sea trial!!!

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    at the least, i'd ask the owner to take you out on the water in it and then take it to a good mechanic and have the motor checked out might cost you a few bucks even if you don't buy the boat but it could save you alot in the long run.
    if you want check what the boat is worth try going to and look up that model so you can get an idea.
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    I owned a 1994 2000SR w/180 hp mercursier/Alpha1 outdrive. The boat was spotless when I traded it in. IMO, I think the asking price is on the high side. Go to NADA's website and get a retail value. This will give you a better idea of what to offer on the boat.
    Now, as MAKtackle said, you mentioned skiing...with a 120 horsepower you're going to be hard pressed to pull a skier out of the water, two might be impossible. The 180 would easily pull to skier's out of the water and it would top out at 46 mph...without the skier's of course. :D
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    That's a 4 cylinder plant for a big boat. It'll be sluggish. It'll get up and run in the 30's I would guess with that engine but it will take a bit to get there. Skiing will be ok for one person but I doubt two will have much fun. Tubing should be easy. It will be a gas hog as you will be into the throttle all the time just trying to get some speed. It's gonna be a carbed engine and will be thirsty. You'll also want to make sure he has either done some maintenance or you'll be spending money right away on service work on the engine.

    I'm thinking $6,000 is a little high- Maxum's don't seem to hold value too well. They finished in the bottom half of the J.D. Power survey last year, below even, ("gulp"), Bayliner.

    If the trailer is nice and the boat is nice, I would offer him $5000 and try to ditch the Force and repower down the road. I'm thinking a good 150 or a 175 would do a good job on that boat. A 150 may even be light for that boat.

    Just my opinion.

  6. ShakeDown

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    120 on a 21 foot glass boat is WAY underpowered. I had a 120 johnson on a 17 foot bowrider, and it could BARELY pull a skier, and when it did, it had to be a pretty accomplished skier to get up.

    Also, force outboards are awful. I'd stay away from it for that alone. I've never owned one, but know enough who have and they all say the same thing. cheap, unrealiable.

    I always knew maxums to be a pretty thin walled boat. If they are rated below Bayliner (which you used to see a ton of force o/b's on if that tells you anything) then you should really consider walking away.

    For 6k, I think you can do much better.
  7. ShakeDown

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    For example...

    Here's a little older model Chris Craft (much more boat than a maxum) with a v8 and a cuddy...asking $6500

    I'm sure you can find something even better than that for the money if you look around!
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    Could it be that Brunswick has something to do with that. :D
    There's some pretty interesting brands here. I see were they just added Triton boats a couple of months ago and Lund over a year ago.

    Associated Press
    Some Key Features of Brunswick Corp.
    03.04.2005, 02:04 PM

    Facts and figures about Brunswick Corp.:

    DESCRIPTION - World's largest manufacturer of pleasure and fishing boats, marine engines, fitness equipment and billiards and bowling equipment.

    HEADQUARTERS: Lake Forest, Ill.

    EMPLOYEES: 25,000.

    2004 SALES: $5.23 billion.

    CEO: George Buckley, age 58 (CEO since 2000).

    BOAT AND MARINE BRANDS: Baja, Bayliner, Boston Whaler, Crestliner, Hatteras, Lowe, Lund, Maxum, Meridian, Palmetto, Princecraft, Sea Boss, Sea Pro, Sea Ray, Sealine and Trophy boats; Mercury and Mariner outboard engines; Attwood and Land 'N' Sea marine parts and accessories; MotoTron electronic controls; Northstar marine electronics; Navman GPS-based products; MotorGuide trolling motors; Teignbridge propellers; IDS dealer management systems.
  9. Thanks for all the comments and replys....

    After some more investigation and looking at other boats on, we decided we can come across a better deal down the road.... Were not in a terrible rush to purchase a boat, so we will wait on a good deal..

    Thanks again!