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Discussion in 'Southwest Ohio Fishing Reports' started by iteech, Jun 4, 2007.

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    I've been on this forum for several years but I think most people didn't realize I was a female (I think I'm one of only two females seen regularly on this board)--not that this matters, I just love to fish and talk about it, but for this message it is important to know. I love to bank fish--and actually it is necessary for me; we do not own a boat and I am stricken with very debilitating arthritis--which pretty much prevents me from standing/walking a stream (I can on good days, but not for long) as well. I sit in a folding chair and do "bait and wait", as my husband teases. I did have two nice little high-catch ponds near me (I live in Fairborn) that I could fish regularly--I went at least 3 days a week after work and most Saturdays in good weather, for years--but through a set of unusual circumstances, both of them have become unavailable to me. I am just heartbroken. My job is very high-stress, and this is my "heaven" that keeps me sane--not to mention, I have a bad jones, and not fishing for two weeks makes me feel like someone is torturing me. Anyway here's the plea: do any of you know of a nice pond that actually has FISH in it where I can sit and fish? I have tried the YMCA pond in BC, several other "public" suggestions, but dang I don't catch any fish! If anyone knows of a private pond, I would even pay someone yearly to fish it--I am C&R ONLY, I pick up any trash I see as well as my own, and I know enough about ponds to advise you on your populations, note any diseases in the fish, etc. It has to be close to me--I can't go real far. I hate asking this but I'm so restricted, and I'll have to swllow my pride and ask for guidance, if anyone has any...this forum is so awesome for helping others. Anyone can PM me or whatever...thanks y'all...
  2. I wish I could be more helpful, but I don't have any access to offer. I wish you the best of luck in your search for a new outlet. Check your PMs

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    sorry to hear your circumstances iteech...I wish you luck in your hunt. I am not near you or I could help you out with some of my places locally. Good luck, someone will hook you up!
  4. Not sure how far you are looking to drive, but the Marina at CJ brown is a nice comfortable place to fish, and you can pretty much catch Crappies/Gills or Cats there yr round. I watched an older woman catch a basket full of big bluegills there one day.

    As far as not catching any fish... THAT IS STANDARD for me! ;) Sounds like your old honey holes had you spoiled :)

    Good Luck finding a place, I know a couple guys on here have private ponds, maye you will get some PM's.
  5. The old Gift Shop/Duck Pond on Taylorsville Rd in Huber Heights had a sign out front that said something about fishing. You may check that place out. Pretty close to Fairborn. If I am over that way I will see if I can get you a phone number. But I know at one time the fishing there was amazing.
  6. Sorry I can not help. I don't know where fairborn is. However, if it helps..I too am female. My better 1/2 and I share this account. Usually I do the typing as I am more computer literate than he. I teach him about the PC and internet and in turn he teaches me about the great outdoors.

    I'll ask my better 1/2 if he knows of anyplace and post again later..if he does.
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    you have to always be on the hunt for new areas weather public or private.
    when one door shuts another opens as they say....keep on searching.
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    The duck pond as mentioned,would be a good option as they are looking for new members.There are new owners who are cleaning it up.would be close,easy access and the people who own it I understand are retired military and very nice. Might check it out.
  9. Ma'am
    You are welcome to come along in my boat sometime. It is nothing special but has plenty of room/confortable seats. My wife and two daughters have first call but if they are not able to go you would sure be welcome. I'm not a pro by any stretch but I always catch a few and have a good time. We mainly fish eastwood and CJ because I live in Huber and need to save as much gas as possible. Ha
    Not sure if they still offer fishing passes but on taylorsville between 201 and 202 there are some small ponds that people fish. If you are interested I can stop in and check it out for ya. Good luck finding a place.
  10. I do know one that you probably could fish it is about 30-45 min away from you. It is in the Trotwood/ Clayton area.
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    i can give info on duckpond. There are a bunch of fish in the tree pond the big lake is loaded with bluegill,crappie, big catfish, shovelheads included. and alot of bass. I someone that has dumped blues and shovels in there from rainbow a couple of years ago. not a friend someone i talked to. The smallest pond there is loaded with big carp. Mostly over 20 3 years ago. my sister caught a 42lbs carp. The other pond i never fished but there is allways people fishing. U can put a boat in the big lake. There were boats that the old owner had there that you could fish from. I think there still there. It is 250-300 to fish it date when u bought ur pass 365 days later. Allways open. No one ever bothers you and there alot of banks to fish. i hope this helps. But i really think its 250 for a pass of 4. And there is 4 guest passes with that. Goodluck on find a new hole.
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    If you don't mind a little drive, Ronald Reagan Park off Tylersville exit is easy shore fishing. If you don't mind paying to fish. Hope this helps. It is a Butler Co. park if you want to look it up.
  13. sorry i cant help but you put a lump in my throat!!!! i have lost alot of places to hunt/fish and it ALWAYS hurts!!!! hope you the best!!!!!!!!!
  14. Why not try Eastwood? There is good bank access along the entire southern shore and along the damn/spillway which I would call the eastern shore.
  15. I would second Hotfinger's suggestion . Eastwood is full of fish and it is safe due to Metro parks stepping up the patrol of the lake . I would try early in the morning right at the docks .
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    I know I'm too MUCH of a girl sometimes, but when I checked this morning and saw your replies I cried like a baby. I thought I wouldn't be able to go fishing any more. I am consistently amazed at the kindness of other fishermen--it's been my saving grace, and what has allowed me to be able to fish all this time! I have several good leads--I'm going to check out every single suggestion in this thread (and any more I get!) to see if it works for me--and I am definitely going to go to the duckpond in HH and pay whatever to fish there!!! That sounds perfect for me! It's actually only about 15 mins from me. I love LMB's above all other things--so it sounds like Heaven on Earth to me. I'm going to go there tomorrow after work for sure. As for the offers to take me in your boat, you're the best, guys. I may take someone up on that--I'm always on this forum and I wrote down your board nicknames, if I can ever do that. It's usually too much trouble for anyone to get me in and out of the boat, but that is so touching to me that you would offer. I know I'm going to find my "place" from this info y'all have given, and you have made me ONE HAPPY CAMPER today. God bless you!
  17. iteech, i know this doesnt help now but next year it could, i belong to a private club that has a 15 acre lake, campgrounds and so on, its private and they dont have membership renewals and new member signups till february but it is nice, quiet the front half of the lake is easy to access and regularly stocked with catfish. other fish in the main lake are blue gill including hybrid, lmb, monster crappies, carp, ill pm u with the link.
  18. What about that small pond that is all the way in the back of Community park? I know there are blue gill there. You would be able to bank fish. I haven't lived in Fairborn in almost 7 years but that is were we always went. It is usually pretty quiet. Also have you check to see how those two little ponds in front of Krogers are doing? I know that it takes several years for a pond to be fishable but Krogers has been there for a while now. Maybe some chance there.
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    All of the replies to my plea have led me to several things...I am joining the duckpond in HH--I went out there and I loved it. It's so easy to get to the banks, and it's real family-friendly for the grandboys. I have another offer to take me to a private pond honey hole now and then, and I'm definitely taking 'em up on it. That one gives me the shimmy-shimmies--can't wait! I am going to try to get into another private club not too far from me, in Jan or Feb. And that completes my Fishing Treasure Chest!!! I'm so happy, I just didn't believe I would find anything else. Guess it depends on who ya know...;), and I know the BEST. Bless all of you!
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    Can you kick your legs in the water without pain? If so, you may want to look into getting one of these.




    Just be sure to get some flippers too (thats how you go). If you can kick in the water without pain, then this would get you out in the water and off that bank. Bank fishing is ok if thats all you got, but I am trying to give you another option. This thing will get you to those spots you always stare at, but can never get too. I have this same model and it fits in the trunk of my car with ease. It is lightweight and can be carried on your back just like in the photo. Hope these helps open your fishing options alot more. If not....well I tried. :D