Help! I need a spinning reel repaired.

Discussion in 'Tackle Talk' started by All Eyes, Feb 26, 2009.

  1. I have last years Shimano Symetre 2500FI spinning reel and it has recently become hard to turn. It feels like there is line caught between the spool and rotor but that isn't the case. A shimano rep that I talked to seems to think it may be that the friction ring has come loose. I am located in Massillon and need a recommendation as to where to take this to be repaired and serviced locally. I was going to send it to Shimano, but after talking to some people it sounds like it will take too long to get it back. Please help! John
  2. Mail it to Rodmakers Shop in Strongsville.

  3. Shotdrift- You beat me to it!!:) I love rodmakers shop!
  4. Thanks a bunch guys! I was all ready to send it off to Strongsville but am going to take it to Reel Solutions here in Massillon and see what he says.
    I just knew I could count on you guys for good info.:) I never knew there was a reel repair shop here in Massillon.