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HELP! I lost part(s) of my boat!!!!!!!!

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by Reel Lady, Oct 30, 2004.

  1. Reel Lady

    Reel Lady Dreams DO come true!

    OH my GOSH! I feel so horrible right now! Rob and I finally got out on the boat last night for one of our all nighter's on West Branch. AHHH.... finally, a night to relax, away from work, the computers, kids....It actually turned out to be a beautiful night. We somehow managed to dodge the rain, and stayed nice and cozy snuggling on our air mattress, dogs curled between our legs, propane heater keeping us nice and toasty, and last but not least, the (what was the FULL) camper top protecting us from the winds. I caught 3 channel cats, all being about 20 or so inches long. Jake got to get his catfish licking fix which he had been missing so much :D
    Well, as much as we tried to avoid work, Rob gets a call from a customer this morning (Saturday morning), and tells us his machine is down, and needs Rob to come to reality we go...(but thats okay, getting paid double time isn't that bad after all ;) )
    So, here is where things got ugly. I dropped Rob and the dogs off at the dock so he could go get the van. I thought that I would try to hurry the "preparing the boat for travel" process along by beginning to unzip the curtains on our camper top. The first curtain to get taken down was the front one. I rolled it up, and put it on the bow of the boat, and then began unzipping the side curtain. A BIG gust of wind came, and swept the entire front piece that WAS on the bow, right into the water! I dropped the side curtain (which was unzipped, but still was snapped to the boat with 1 or 2 snaps), to go and try to save the piece that just flew in the water. As soon as I dropped it, the weight of the curtain caused it to unsnap and ALSO go into the water! As if this was not bad enough, there was one other little piece that snapped between the walkthrough windshield that also blew out of the boat in the middle of all of this chaos! So here I am, alone on the boat, dealing with gusty wind, a shoreline getting closer by the second, and 3 pieces of my (not so cheap) custom camper top hanging on to the surface of the water by a thread! I circled around the biggest piece, and just when I thought I was close enough to reach down and grab it, a darn gust of wind came and pushed me just out of reach! This happened everytime I thought I could get it, and then all of the sudden, the worst thing happened! Those darn things just SUNK.....S-U-N-K... SUNK!!!!!!!! :eek: took almost 2 months for them to make this top for us. Meanwhile, Rob was standing back by the boat launch having absolutely NO idea what the heck I was doing out there on the water. And to make matters worse, we had to get going because he had to make it to our customers by 11:00. I beat myself up over this the whole way home. As the matter of fact, I am STILL beating myself up over it! And here I was trying to hasten the process of getting on the road, and I ended up really screwing things up! Including making Rob a bit late.
    So my fishermen (women) friends.....If any of you happen to come across any pieces of my camper top, (It may have a Dowco tag on it) I would love to put my boat back together again, along with my dignity :eek:
    The front piece was clear vinyl with zippers on the top, both ends, 2 zippers in the middle, and snaps on the bottom. The side was also clear vinyl and has zippers on the top and sides, and snaps on the bottom. And the little flap was tan with snaps on 3 sides.
    Last I saw them, they were being blown toward the rocky bank north of the eastern boat ramp at West Branch (the one closest to the dam)
    I guess I'll keep my fingers crossed that somehow, some way, they end up on the shore and will be turned in to......ummm... somewhere.....
  2. Ruminator

    Ruminator TeamOGF

    :eek: - Marcia, I wish I had known about this, I would have gladly looked for them for you. They didn't all sink then? :eek:

    - Jim

  3. johnboy111711

    johnboy111711 SOLID MEAT

    Marcia, don't beat yourself up too much, things like this happen. I've lost chairs coolers and just about anything else you could think of. Just be glad it wasn't something your boat! I hope you can find them or at the veryleast get a replacement.
  4. Reel Lady

    Reel Lady Dreams DO come true!

    No Jim, not all the pieces sunk, just 3 panels....The front, one of the sides, and a little flap.
    These are no small pieces either! The front piece is probably 8 feet wide X 3 feet high. The side piece is around 6 feet wide X 4 feet high, and the other is about 18"X18".
    Gosh, I sure hope that someone doesn't do any damage to their motor if they were to encounter one of these!
    I'm really hoping that they will wash up on the rocky sides (to the left of the boat ramp if you are on the water looking towards the ramp). If the tide pushes them past that rocky point where the shore makes that 90 degree turn and now runs east/west, god only knows where these things can end up! I'm wondering ... if someone were to find something like this, would they turn it in somewhere? Maybe the marina? Maybe the garbage? :eek:
    I have learned a valuable lesson here....I will definitely be looking for a way to add some floatation to these vinyl/canvas pieces. Not sure how, but gosh, I never want this to happen again... thats for SURE!
  5. fishingful

    fishingful Time to fish!

    sounds like the time i lost about 1000 bucks worth the equipment i left the tailgate down on the truck and could not see it due to the cover on the bed of the truck ........akron to port clinton and 4 rod combos a full tackle box a cooler full of drinks and lunch later we were their i lost my best rods and tons of lures when we got out of the truck at mc-donalds my heart sank the funny thing is that the stupid spare tire did not slide out just goes to show you what one little forgetfull thing can cost you we did catch fish that day ;) my dad had extra rods..........jim
  6. Ahh man that's really a bummer. I hate to lose stuff like that. I've had 100.00 pair of glasses blow out of the boat and a few other valuables. Hope someone turns them in to you.