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  1. I have a student who wants to enroll in a Criminal Justice program. When he was 18, he was in the military and received a felony for assault. Will this affect him in becoming a police officer or some other law enforcement official down the road?
  2. Yes. Any assault or felony conviction will automatically disqualify someone from being a police officer. He may be able to look into other areas of law enforcement though.

  3. Thanks Buckeye, that helps.
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    if theres an assault on his record, he will never be allowed to legally carry a firearm. let alone it being a felony assault.
  5. Was he a minor when the assualt was commited he may be able to get his record expunged, It may not help him pass a law enforcement background check but it may help him land a better job down the road.

    I know it sure helped some freinds of mine I grew up with.
  6. He may still be able to get his record expunged. Some Felonies can be expunged if a certain amount of time has past since his conviction and he has not been in any trouble since. I am not sure if all felonies qualify or how much time had to pass. If it is worth it to him, have him contact and attorney and they should be able to tell him if it is possible in your area.

    Scott Williams
  7. A felony offense of violence prohibits an individual from owning a firearm in Ohio. I'm pretty sure its a Brady disqualifier also (federal disqualifier). As for expungement, I dont think you can have a felony offense of violence expunged. Even if you could, expungements mean nothing to law enforcement agencies (they are permitted to "see" your expunged record). Expungements work best for those seeking non-government employment.
  8. hmmmm... had a misdemeaner assualt(bar fight) some 18+years ago and have bought several new guns with backround check and had no issues at all....dont own a pistol but if i wanted one could i pass the brady law and qualify for CCW or am i S.O.L.??? there a site to check yourself on the legality of this??? i know for sure i am legal to own guns as i had the backroud check for a shotgun not long ago and was fine...

  9. Not sure about the police thing, but I bet the felony for assault is likely what made him into "was in the military" versus "is in the military". He might not be able to be in LE but I'm sure he could run for Mayor and be in charge of the Police.
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    The last thing we need is another hothead with a badge and a gun. I think we have plenty of those already. IMO. :(
  11. With a Felony he could not even get an armed security job let alone a job as a law enforcement officer. As has been mentioned already even if it gets expunged a police agency will still be able to see it. Tell the kid to not waste his time and go to school for something else.
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    They are on the attorny general site.