Help! fridge is leaking water

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by fishnfool, Jun 29, 2008.

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    Any repairmen out there? My fridge just started leaking water from underneath, all over the floor. It still cools fine, just leaks. Any ideas?
  2. Pull the grill off the bottom(it should just snap on.) Get down and look under there-should be a pan(prob. plastic) that catches water when the frig defrosts. Dump it out and clean it. Look under the crisper trays on the bottom. Should be a tapered molding in the plastic bottom ending in a plug. Pull the plug out and and clean the hole that drops into the water tray. Put the plug, tray and grill back and good to go. Sometimes when the weather is especially humid(like it's been for the past couple weeks), the water can't all evaporate from the tray and it overflows. Let me know if this fixes it. My spare frig in the garage does this frequently.

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    Do you have central air in your home? CJ was right on track with the humidity comment. I live in an older home with no AC and had this problem whenever it got hot & humid. On mine the tray was not the problem but a small piece of exposed copper tubing that ran past the tray. Ice from moisture formed on it then would thaw and run on the floor. I insulated the tubing and have not had a problem since.
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    Also make sure to check the hoses for your ice-maker if you have one.
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    Have the same problem. Talked to a bud who's a repairman. He said to
    check the drain holes in the bottom of the freezer. In this weather, when the automatic defrost kicks on, the drain hole sometimes freezes up.
    He said to check it, and defrost it with hot water and a turkey baster.

    I gotta check mine tonight. Hope this helps...
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    Finally got around to fixing mine last night. Had to empty out the freezer, remove a back panel, and there was the drain hole - frozen up!
    A few minutes with a turkey baster and hot water, and the drain was open. Problem fixed.
    Hope this helps. :)
  8. also clean that compressor
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    Mine started doing this a couple years ago, and all I did was put a loaf pan(narrow) in the right hand corner, in the back , on the top shelf of the fridge. Works great, as I empty it about once every two weeks. The above mentioned by all will work, but I'm just lazy......;) DA KING !!!