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Help for Bluegrass Island

Discussion in 'Northwest Ohio Fishing Reports' started by Parrothead, Mar 24, 2005.

  1. I have never fished Bluegrass Island and it seems like it is the place to be so far this year. My brother and I are headed up that way tomorrow(friday). We usually go to the fort. If someone would be kind enough to direct me on Bluegrass Island it will be sincerely appreciated. We will probably go to the Fort first thing but if we get bored and not catching we may want to try something new.
    Is it easy to cross to the island? Is it marked where to cross? Which end is better (upstream or down)?
    Thanks for any help you guys can give me.

    PS we will be the dodo's down there looking like we have no clue what we are doing. If you hear a big SPLASH that will probably be me. I haven't had a good swim lately and being that close to the water might make me want to just jump in!
  2. Go here ;)
    Catch fish stay dry :)

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  3. Thanks for the map but I guess I should state more clearly what I needed. I am wondering what it is like getting across to the island. Is it easy to cross and is it marked or can someone tell me where to go across at.

  4. It really will depend on the water level man...
    But here are some hot spots marked...

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  5. As long as you get there you will see where everyone is goingand the paths are already wore down so if you get there you will bee in good shape. The water is down enough that you will have no problem as long as you use your head. It is easier crossing there then crossing to the point as the fort.
  6. I fish the west end of the island just east of the rapids. Cross just behind where Clarence sells his jigs. He has a blue van and is a black guy with a fish on his hat, if you have doubts where to cross ask him and he will show you. He is a really good guy and will give you an honest fishing report also. Hope this helps. By the way it was pretty slow again today but improving, we only got 2 legal fish today.
  7. Many thanks all of you. That will certainly help us out. I hope we get into them but if we don't, then hey, that's why they call it fishing and not catching right? My brother tends to get a little impatient but myself, I am content just fishing and not worrying about work or anything else right then.
  8. Let us know how you do...
  9. I just check the postings for the guages at the wtervile bridge. The water is up 3-4" and the flow is up 1000gal. which means the river is warming but not up much so access to blue grass is easy. the small upriver parking lot crossing might reach my knees in 2 spots(6'2"). i usually fish the 2 down river hot spots on the map. the parking lot are on the river side in the metro park. I'll be fishing tommorrow afternoon till ? and hopefully saturday morn, sun morn??(will i be shot?). look for the tall old fart with a walking stick if you're on the down river end of the island
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    Right now access is easy. Go to the western most tip of Bluegrass and cross there. Will be the shallowest in the riffle. You'll know if it's too hight. There will be a guy selling jigs there. You can see the rocks in the riffle. Just use caution. Also.......use caution while in the river. The Maumee is a drainage basin for Indiana. If they get heavy rains there....even if it's sunny and clear here, the river will come up. Also, if you get a stiff East wind, the water on Lake Erie backs up in the western basin, and will cause the river to rise.
  11. Darwin

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    Good Luck Parrothead!! You go fishing and leave me here at work, see how you are!! ;)
    I hope you catch a few!!
  12. Well it was cold but not cold enough for me to catch my limit since Hell didn't freeze over :) But we had a good time. We fished the fort for the first couple hours then moved to Buttonwood. Had a couple side-biters but they didn't hold on so we didn't even get to see them. Lots of guys fishing and some even catching keepers. It was good to see. I will try again another day.