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Discussion in 'Bowhunting' started by Bassy, Jan 3, 2008.

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    With these cold temps my api hang on stand is creeking waaaaaay too much for my liking. What can I do to stop the ping ting creeky noise? The deer can hear this from a mile away it seems!
  2. Don't move...Honestly, I have no clue.

  3. Trade it in for a lone wolf. I hunted out of a different stand the other night and I seriously could not move without it making the loudest TINGS you could ever imagine in the woods. Spooked two does. Makes me appreciate my lone wolfes that much more, they really are worth the money they charge.
  4. I take a couple rachet straps and crank one down on the upper end and the other on the lower end. You can crank it down so hard the stand will not move. This has worked for me for years.
  5. I agree with Chase, The Loan Wolf is an awesome stand! Because of the solid construction you will never hear a sound. It's light, compact and super easy to set up.

    I have the same problem with my perminant stands this time of year so would prefer to use the Wolf.
  6. The sound comes from the support cables and other attachment points, so ANY stand can make noise in cold weather. Aluminum framed stands just amplify the noise more the cast aluminum. The only good thing about Lone Wolf stands is the quietness. They are rediculously overpriced and uncomfortable, so I wouldn't consider them a good solution.
    You can place some plastic or teflon washers at all attachment points. This will help quite a bit. This needs done in the garage, not while hangin from a tree. ;) A drop or two of vegetable oil at the squeeky points will help also, but you may need to apply each time you use the stand.
  7. If you put some of that tree stand tape on it will help reduce the noise of the treestand. The noise is coming the attachment points but is being amplified by the aluminum. Cabelas has it online under the Treestand Accessories.
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    the cold brings out all noises. you could take it down tear it apart and oil everything and tighten it up real good.its probably been hanging all year and you getting in and out loosens them up causing them to shift and make noise.or you could go to a lone wolf wouldnt trade mine for anything out lone wolf was making some noise this year took it apart oiled the parts no more noise....good luck...
  9. I personally find Lone Wolf comfortable enough. I own 4 of their stands and I have nothing to complain about. When I'm hunting out of a tree, I don't expect to feel like I'm sitting in a shooting house or a lazy boy. They are expensive, but I'm 24 and have killed 4 P&Y bucks out of their stands so their $$ doesn't bother me. I woud sacrifice comfort for quietness, weight, and success any day.
  10. Get a can of expanding foam insulation, one with a tube. Fill that hollow frame with the foam, let it expand and come out the ends. Then let it dry and cut off the excess. This will dampen the sound.