Help catching trout at Lake hogison please!

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  1. I havent had much luck with catching trout at lake Hogison. I have tried small spinners, worms and minnows but still nothing. I found a jar of trout power bait. I looks like bright yellow putty and smells fishy. Does this work and how do I use it. Ive heard that the little bay where the boats are kept is the place to fish for the trout. Is this true or are there other good spots? and how deep should I be fishing?
    Any help,tips or advice on how to catch rainbow trout at Lake hogison would be greatly appreciated.

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    Alot of the trout are caught the first 2 weeks after opening day.Powerbait works well, it comes in many colors and certain colors work on certain days.Also try Pautzke Fire Ball Salmon Eggs or Mini-Foo jigs tipped with maggots...........Mark

  3. Pinch enough of the PowerBait to roll into a ball no larger than a marble. Put it on a #6 hook on the end of your line(it floats up off the bottom), couple splitshot up about 15 inches, cast it out, and wait. Fish small jigs and maggots under a bobber about 3 ft., cast it out, and reel back slow/steady. Looks like Punderson might be a good place to try for trout also(see recent post on this forum.)
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    hey mark...marc's the baitshop biz going? you been out lately? and how have you done? ttyl