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help! Buying a boat.

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by peple of the perch, Aug 6, 2007.

  1. I have a boat that i am intrested in right now. It is a 14foot aluminum starcraft made in 1965. It comes with a 18hp motor, a 36 lb trolling motor, a gas tank, lights for night fishing, 2 batteries, 3 rod holders, 2 anchors, and the trailor looks nice. All for $1,250. Can anyone give me any advice? Does it sound like a good deal to anyone here. I am confused with with the process, so any help would be apprecated.
  2. NorthSouthOhioFisherman

    NorthSouthOhioFisherman The Young Outdoorsman

    an 18hp sounds like an old motor dont no if ya can trust em? everything else sounds fine to me. (can u drive to look at the boat and check it out urself?)

  3. I would want to try it on the water before I bought it. It sounds like a lot of money to me for that old of a rig. But I'm not sure as I haven't been looking for that size boat for a long time. I would call a dealer and ask what it is worth, or what they would sell it for.
  4. so8nds fair,if it don;t leak the motor runs good .don;t get much for a grand now .
  5. Peple, Like Bob said try and taking it out for a spin. That way you can see how the motor runs, see how hard/easy it starts and also see if the aluminum boat has any leaks. That year I would guess it is riveted so make sure all the rivets are there and not lose. Just check it out. You will get that feeling if it's a good deal or not after you mess with it for a bit. If they wont take it out with you I would be cautious about it then.
  6. Who made the engine, how old is it, and how does it run. Are there parts available for the engine? That sounds like the key to me.

    Solid engine, the rest you can fix imo.
  7. good luck peple!!! 18hp must be an evinrude??? if so parts are around...take it for a cruise FIRST!!! then if you want it start at $900 or so and work 'em from there!!! NEVER pay asking price!!! when i buy a boat'car' or whatever i ALWAYS look around fot months or longer and make my buys COUNT!!! if this is the first you looked at keep looking and compare price versus value/what all you get with it!!! keep us posted!!! were 'pullin' for ya!!!
  8. Lot of good advice here Peple, especially about the motor. A motor that old can be very costly to repair even if you can find someone to work on it. Every now and then there is a good deal here on OGF but your chances are better in the newspaper or simply watching as you ride around. I had a 65 Starcraft same as you described and it was leak free as of year 2000 when I sold it. See if the owner would sell it without the motor.
  9. SwollenGoat

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    Aluminum boats don't rust, rot or decay. The difference in a bare 1965 V or john with no interior vs. a bare V or John built in 2007 would be....? As was mentioned $1000 doesn't buy much these days. If the motor is same vintage as the boat it could be an issue - though I also know Nissan has made an 18hp motor since the 80's. (Great motor too BTW.)

    Ask for a test run, check for leaks and take a compression gauge with you to check the cylinder(s) on that motor. Should be at least 100lbs. each - if less it probably needs rebuilt. Make sure the motor starts easily and runs smooth.

    Good luck.
  10. Thanks for the info. shortdrift did u like ur boat?
  11. Price is too high. Tell 'em you'll give 'em $800 to start..but I wouldn't go over a grand total.

    I sold my fully functional duck rig, w/ duck blind, trailer, etc for $1100. Didn't get a sniff at $1500 either.
  12. The 14 foot Starcraft served well on inland lakes. I am currently working on another 14 Starcraft to use on inland water as my Erie boat is not suited for that type use.