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  1. Camping at Indian Lake in 2 weeks. Just got a new kayak and was looking for a few pointers on where to put in at and paddle around to catch some bass. Was only there once a couple of years ago and only bank fished. Now that I have a yak, I can at least get out on the water a bit. Probably stick to places where I won't get swamped by you boys with the power boats...
  2. I have have fished it twice. The best advice i can give you is to flip soft plastics in the pads. there are alot of pads in that lake just look for the smaller groups of pads in the game reserve .

  3. if your in a kayak back in the game reserve on a weekend, BE CAREFULL!!!

    There are some crazy tournament bass fisherman out there who don't exactly honor the no wake zones back in there
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    zpyles, not to poke the bear or anything, but I see FAR more pontoons and 14' aluminium v-hulls violating the no-wake in the channels than I do tourney anglers!

    If I were in a yak looking for bass this time of year, and wanted to fish "unmolested", I'd go way up South fork or way up North fork.
  5. Anywhere on the northside of the lake will be best bet. Mosstly no wake area. Blackhawk and moundwood boat ramps. Moundwood you can go up the river and more than likley be bye yourself with good fishing this time of year.Print out a map from the odnr website and it will give you lots of info on places to put in.BUZZBAIT is the magic word. Good luck1/8 oz.
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    Great tip, sisezz. I wish I'da thought about pointing him up river. lol

    And, it ain't the buzz that's the "magic". Try a rat or a scum frog in the sloppiest slop...and try not to watch!
  7. blackhawk will work. all day long. pads/wood.
  8. I certainly appreciate all the tips. Thanks folks...
  9. Curious to know how far can you get a 20' bassboat up the rivers or forks? I will be over there this coming Saturday for a club tourney. Do not plan on burning a bunch of fuel running around so was figuring on standing on the TM in Moundwood ramp area. LOL Thanks in advance!
  10. You can drive back to Long island after you cross or get to a little bridge there is a turn around people fish off of, you can launch little boats and definitly your kayak there. there's plenty of pads and lots of channels to down. Good Luck.
  11. John I would not use the big motor under the bridge or farther up the river/creek.Not knowing if any longs came down after the recent rains. You should be able to go a ways up on the right. If you go left after the bridge its real shallow but goes for a long ways. Great top water up their. But it not that far to the game reserve from moundwood. I would guess no more than 3 to 4 gallons round trip with a225. Once you get their it all trolling motot cause bass are everywhere. Good luck watch out for a lot of gill bites.