Help a girl out..places to fish south of Dayton?

Discussion in 'Southwest Ohio Fishing Reports' started by TawtETrout99, May 13, 2008.

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  1. My name is Sarah & I'm new here. I'm a chick that doesn't know much about fishing except i love doing it. I live in Miamisburg OH and I'm searching for some decent places to fish without a boat. So far I've called Rainbow Lake & thats all I've found. Normally I walk to a little spot on the river in West Carrollton but it was flooded yesterday & I'm lookin for some more options. Any help is appreciated :)
  2. Indian lake isn't that far same with grand lake .If you old enought to drive or parentsd can take you

  3. Ok, thanks. I will try to check those places out. Ceasers Creek is the closest to me but most my friends haven't had much luck there & I'm not really familiar with the lake enough to know where to fish off the banks.
    Yep, i'm plenty old enough to drive, but I AM a chick so I still can be dangerous on the road. watch out!
  4. LOL thanks for the warning and good luck
  5. Honestly, I normally go to the river & just try to catch anything. which ends up being catfish & carp. I have a TON to learn. I would like to catch bass, but I would be happy with anything at the moment. I just don't know enough to be picky yet.
  6. Check out other threads on this forum about the Metro Park system in and around Dayton. I am not personally familiar with the parks, but it sounds like some of the lakes have decent fishing and they are pretty convenient to Miamisburg. Another place just to the west of you is Rush Run over by Somerville, OH.
    Best of luck!
  7. There are plenty of places on GMR and the stillwater to bank fish, or wade. If the water is up, try to find some ponds in the area. Englewood Metro Park has a couple of ponds that aren't too bad.
  8. Just south of Miamisburg (almost still in Miamisburg) on Old Dixie is the Crane's Run park. The first entrance as you travel south just past Deer lodge has a large pond just past the parking area. It's got Bass and Crappie. I've heard of cats caught there, but I've not scored one. If you are interested in catting after the river comes back down, I fish the river south of there quite a bit. PM me. So long as you bait your own hooks, I'll take you fishing.

  9. Spencer is dead on, if you can catch fish at CR, you can catch them anywhere, I have had the best luck in the spring, after that the fish go deep and are tough to catch, its crystal clear though and a pretty place to go, just dont back into a parking space there, ( Dont ask ;) )

    If you like carp and cats, the river when its high and muddy is the best time to fish it, bass on the other hand need the clearer water to have much success. There are a few community ponds Ill PM you about when I get more time. The burg and WC is my stomping grounds so I am pretty familiar with the area.
  10. Okay, thanks for the help boys. I may try Crane's Run tonight just for the heck of it. and I'll check some of the other threads on the Metro Parks.

    oh yeah, and i won't be backing up in the parking spots!! i'm pretty sure i know what that means.. i work for a court so we get a few of those people lol

    and yes i bait my own hook! doesn't seem right not too!
  11. I like fishing eastwood lake off of route 35 on the harshman exit. They have a lagoon there with good bass and crappie fishing. Eastwood has everything including saugeye walleye, both types of bass, crappie, and some nice cats. I have always tried to get some information about fishing spots around here because the spot on the GMR I fish is flooded too. I didn't get much response but you being a girl had people offer to take you fishing. lol. Maybe I should tell people my name is Tiffany.
  12. lol

    i second the eastwood lake....whenever i'm in town (living in columbus) i head out to eastwood lake.

    the area along rt. 4 is good for bass and crappie.

    near the docks is good for cats

    and down where the sand bar area is, is pretty good for carp.

    for smaller size cats and small mouth bass....the blue lagoon area is productive.

    hope that helps u out.
  13. Welcome aboard, Tawt. I'm a chick, too. ;) I have fished the pond in Crane's Run...this was YEARS ago before how you parked meant anything...but don't remember my outcome. Let us know how you did!
  14. Welcome aboard - glad to have you. I've only been to the area once, but the Twin Creek is a very pretty stream that should produce nice smallmouth. I'd also suggest (as I usually do for newcomers) that you review the maps produced by the Miami Conservancy District - they have good access info and you may be surprised just how many access points are near you.

    Be safe out there and have fun.
  15. Rush Run is a nice place to do a bit of shore fishing!
  16. Work on getting permission to fish some privte ponds in the area.

    Usually low pressure and nice fish.
  17. i live less than a mile from eastwood lake other known as the hydrabowl and even closer to lagoons, the crappie bight at this time is hit and miss at at the hydrabowl, , rivers right now are up but know of a quite afew spots to catch about anything, best fishing right now is at kiserlake , , indian lake as well as cj brown all with in an hour drive , kiser and cj and buckcreek 30 minutes from my house i live by wright patt , just got back from indian lake this weekend did very well on crappie and big blue gill , also just got back yesterday from buck creek up in springfield got 89 white bass there if you need direction to any i can give , all fishing was done from bank did use half time at indian lake so fish on
  18. I would say Rush Run or Acton Lake (huston woods) and most of the five rivers metro parks. I know there are plenty of spots that look interesting in the middletown area also.
  19. Mushijobah

    Mushijobah Urban Angler

    I did electro shocking for the OEPA this summer on the GMR in Troy. We got a lot of smallies in areas with moderate current over a rocky bottom in 2-5 feet of water. A lot is bank accessible if you don't want to get wet!
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