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  1. Hi,I'm new to boating so here is my question I have a Johnson 7.5 HP Outboard and it has a 2.5 gal fuel tank Model # J8RCNR (Motor).And I need to Know the Gas to fuel Mix ratio ? Can anyone Please Help ? Also On the Motor Shaft Gear oil I removed both filling screws and filled it on the lower one till it started coming out of the top hole.Put lower screw back in and topped it off in the upper screw. Is this correct ? I used 80-90W Marine gear lube.

    Any Help or advice will be greatly Appreciated, Thanks,HammerHeadHank
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    what year motor? about 1964 to present day is 50:1. gear oil . fill to the top hole and then a little more ,put in top screw (to keep oil in there) then put in the bottom screw. you have to let any air bubbles come out the top ,almost like bleeding brakes.the year motor is not exact ,only from memory.

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    find what yead it is here:

    I = 1 N = 2 T = 3 R = 4 O = 5 D = 6 U = 7 C = 8 E = 9 S = 0
  4. FreyedKnot , I have no idea what you're saying, I am very grateful for all of you quick responses. I goggled the Model # J8RCNR and it states a 1982 MFG. Date. So, I'm going with a 50:1 Gas oil mix. Thanks again. Blue pike thanks for the links, I bookmarked the gas to oil mix guys rock. Thanks HammerHeadHank
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    those letters represent the mfg year in a serial number for older motors. i see yours is newer though.