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Help,,, 1989 Lund, Iron Duke GURU?

Discussion in 'Boats and Motors' started by Doboy, Sep 21, 2017.

  1. DQnit


    More info, and I do appreciate everyone's input. Boat motor again is a 2.3 ltr 4 cylinder Ford and the outdrive is an omc cobra. Had a full tune up last season, all oils and filters changed, also had a new shifter lever and all cables replaced last year by a local marina. I have owned the boat for about 10 years and like to tackle most maintenance, first time having this issue. Only run pure gas and did change fuel filter this season, also took apart fuel pump and carb to check for any issues. Boat will run fine one day and will act up the next time out. Thanks again guys. Doboy sorry for hijacking your thread. Issues sound similar and I'm getting frustrated.
  2. DQnit


    And yes Mike, the boat will start no problem after it stalls out. It will rev and run just fine out of gear.

  3. Where are you located?
  4. DQnit


    Boat is in Walton Hills
  5. Doboy

    Doboy HeWhoDiesWithTheMostToysWins

    MikeG & Fireman,,, THANKS for the feedback.
    I'm just sitting back & taking in the responses,,,, lol,,, & the safety issues!

    My friend, with the iron duke, didn't wait for our 'remedies' & suggestions.
    He towed the boat to the marina mechanic, and I believe it took about 3hrs for him to find a $20 broken or malfunctioning part!
    As he, my friend (unknowingly) explained to me, the replaced part WAS a shifting/ throttle problem & was said to be a "SHIFTING HOSE TUBE"????
    I asked him to make sure he gets the malfunctioning part, & also make sure that the mechanic SHOWS him exactly where that part is located!
    I NEED-TO-KNOW! :rolleyes: And I will reply back to you guys as soon as I get the total, exact repair story!

    DQ,,,, YOU boat is why I'M listening!
    "Boat motor again is a 2.3 ltr 4 cylinder Ford and the outdrive is an omc cobra".

    So,,,, Is that an OMC 'BOOT BOAT'? What year?

    I have a '81 Starcraft OMC 'BOOT' boat just sitting here in the barn!
    The shift & throttle linkage is totally screwed up,,,,, & I believe that the motor to tranny shift cable is about 90% of its problems. It's about corroded immovable,,,,, OR there is also something wrong with the tranny?
    I haven't TOUCHED IT YET,,, it's been sitting for 3 years,, & at this point, I need way for time, & mad money, to even start looking & repair!
    SO,,,,, IF you know where I could find a JUNK 'OMC BOOT BOAT' for parts, or a mechanic who will even TOUCH the damn thing,,, PLEASE LET ME KNOW!?

    The '81 Starcraft hull is in VERY GOOD condition, & it sits on a NEW dual-axle aluminum beam trailer. I'm not quite ready to SCRAP THE BOAT & OMC MOTOR YET!

    IF I could toss out that OMC & replace it with an in-line Chevy 6 banger with a Mercruiser outdrive, I'd start the exchange in a heartbeat! LOL,,,,, that's a big hole to fill!!! :D
    Totally crazy idea,,,,, How'bout filling in that HOLE & hanging a 150hp on the back!?????
    Anybody ever do that? :rolleyes:
  6. Doboy, Post a pic of your drive. Depending on the HP it could be either a 400 or 800 series OMC stern drive. I'm familiar with them & have the appropriate service manuals & even microfiche parts cards. Not wanting to break any forum rules here, but most places won't touch them. There is a way to bench test the drive to ensure that the cable falls within spec. They are definitely a bit tricky, & when you're talking about a 36 year old boat there are almost always multiple I. Mike
  7. ....multiple issues. (sorry.....but I truly despise autofill) !!
  8. DQnit, We need the get you headed in the right direction so you know if you have a fuel or ignition problem. OMC Cobra drives have a shift assist module along with a pair of microswitches that interface with the ignition. You should familiarize yourself with the switch & module wiring & try disconnecting the harness (from the ignition coil) next time the engine falls off & runs poorly. You'll still be able to shift into forward gear & see if the engine makes good power. The shift module for s 'supposed' to only affect the ignition when you're shifting out of either forward or reverse gear INTO NEUTRAL. That. will let you know if the shift module is breaking down somehow & causing this condition. There could be something else going on, but I would start there & then look at the ignition system to ensure that you have good spark if the motor acts up with the shift module disconnected. Mike
  9. DQnit


    Doboy, boat is an 88' StarCraft islander, not a "boot" boat. Mike, I'll take a look at that shift assist module and see if I can get any answers by messing with it. Thanks guys.