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  1. Hi my name is Bob, i live in Fairport Harbor, just joined this week. I fish big time. I have not tried joining for the past year because of YAHOO, but now i see i can post. So a big hello to everybody on the boards.....TIGHT LINES. THANKS
  2. Welcome aboard, this is a great site.

  3. Welcome and enjoy..

    this is a great site some sove even better people....

  4. snake69

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    Hello and welcome!
    Use to fish the Grand area alot for steelhead. Haven't made it up in a few years though!
  5. Welcome to OGF. Good guys and good information.

    We all share the same ADDICTION...ain't it grand!?

    Good Fishin'

  6. mrphish42

    mrphish42 locators dont lie

    Welcome guy.......to information haven...........enjoy...........
  7. :) WELCOME Brother Fisherman.....You are now surrounded by some of the best.....
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  8. Welcome have a great fishing year
  9. Welcome to the site and good fishin!
  10. WELCOME, always great to meet a fellow fishermen!!!!!!:D
  11. Welcome! Please don't be offended by some my sarcasm at times, I can't help meself!;)
  12. ezbite

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    hi bob........
  13. welcome aboard.......couple thoughts.........

    there is a search function here.....it has info on almost any topic. learn how it works. it hooks you into ALL past questions and posts.

    lots of good guys here......but one is really interesting. keep an eye on one guy....ezbite. that guy....he's a god. hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.

    no kiddin dude.
  14. Welcome Bob, thanks for deciding to join.
  15. Welcome to a great site I live in perry and fish in and out of the grand alot trollin for steelies there is rite around the corner. Cant wait

    There's one!!!
  16. fishingguy

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    Welcome fishoholic, good to have another grand river guy. Keep us posted on the bubble, puckerbrush (is that how you spell it), and the rest of the area. I fish out of wildwood mostly but do like to go to the Grand. Usually in July when I can pull up to the beach, for some eye candy!:T !#
  17. Welcome Fishoholic!

    I'm a member of the FHRRA (you should think about joining if you are not a member....good group of guys) and fish with J fish in the grand. Hope to see you out there soon! Looking for a slow snow melt!