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Hello, Board.

Discussion in 'Tackle Talk' started by Legendary Lures, May 10, 2004.

  1. Just found your board and wanted to say Hello. I've been making fishing lures as a hobby for about 30 years. I'm more than willing to help anyone else who is also making their own lures.
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    hello, and welcome to OGF! Enjoy your stay

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    I've always had an interest in this. Actually, I've been wanting to hand carve some lures out of balsa, but don't know where to begin. Do you do any of this, or is it just primarily metal things?

    Welcome to OGF. :) Your knowledge will be an asset to many here.
  4. Welcome aboard! Hey, if you're in the Akron area, maybe I'll put you on TV one day. Always looking to do good visual stories for the TV. LOL.

  5. Thanks for the nice welcome.

    TV, eh? I live in Salem, but I think I'm too shy to be on TV.

    I've included a link to a wooden lure making tutorial. This will give you general information in a step-by-step format with pictures. You could modify these instructions for balsa as follows:
    - Use two pieces of balsa, each half as thick as you want your lure to be.
    - Temporarily glue them together with something like kids' glue stick.
    - Cut out the shape. You can use a utility knife or VERY fine blade coping saw.
    - Round off the edges with sandpaper.
    - Seperate the halves.
    - Insert your pre-bent wire for the line tie, belly hook and tail hooks. Press this wire half way into the balsa. This centers the wire.
    - Insert a little bit of lead weight above the belly hook. You can make a hollowed out area for the weight with a Dremel tool.
    - Now permanently glue the halves together with epoxy. Fill or sand the edges as needed.
    - Cut the slot for the lip. Make sure it is straight. Use Lexan for the lip. Plexiglass is too brittle and will break after just a couple casts.
    - Primer the lure with white paint, but not the inside of the lip slot. Acrylics are nice and easy and inexpensive.
    - Paint and decorate however you wish with acrylics.
    - You can make a decent eye by making dots with two different sized nailhaeds dipped in paint. For example: a larger yellow dot, then a small black dot. Look at a Rapala or Bagley.
    - Epoxy the lip into the slot.
    - Apply a couple finishing coats of Spar Urethane, Polyurethane or epoxy.
    - Let it dry, attach the hooks and go catch some fish.
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    Wow thats pretty cool. I may have to try that. I wonder when Im done if it will look anything close to a lure lol