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Heard Something Neat This Morning

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by c. j. stone, May 14, 2017.

  1. Back near the woods between ag fields this morning putting out critter and bird food. Out of nowhere, and within 30 yds of me, heard loud and clear a Bob White call! Several more from the same general area, possibly only one bird?Haven't heard this since the first couple years I moved here over 27 or so years ago. We actually had them in the yard and along the roads nearby. Seems a few really bad winters in a row decimated the quail in NE Ohio. Really cool to hear! Wondering if someone is restocking them, or Mother Nature at her best?
  2. Cool C.J. Used to hear them as a kid many years ago but its been a while. Can't mistake the call....Bob White....Bob White

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  3. last time I heard that was in 77. Shoot every cat you see in the area and give the birds a chance.
  4. buckeyebowman

    buckeyebowman On the back 9 and loving it!

    Yep, the Winters of '77 and '78 wiped them out up here. There used to be quail all over the place! Kind of surprising they were so well established since they're really a southern bird.

    When I was a kid my Dad used to go out in the side yard and do the bobwhite whistle toward the field. he could usually get a couple to answer him.

    That's good news, c.j. Thanks for posting!
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  5. I believe there was a article about the metro parks stocking them at Springfield bog metro park last year in the beacon?Maybe a few migrated that direction.
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  6. Hey C.J. what neck of the woods are you in?
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  7. we used to hunt them in the hayfields along with bunnies that was back in the 70's.they were everywhere back then in our area
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  8. Southern Portage cty on Stark/Portage line.
  9. Ron, cats weren't the problem. Extreme winters in the late 70's did them in. I saw different flocks in the Public Hunting Areas areas. They all died, haven't seen them there since. Additionally, I blame turkey stockings/propogation for contributing to the demise of the grouse I used to love to hunt. Maybe they helped to do the quail in as well?
  10. Harry1959

    Harry1959 Harry

    Another big problem is our modern farming practice. Almost no treelines between fields and the crops get cut all the way to the ground. This made it difficult for the few coveys that survived the 70's blizzard to spread out and repopulate decimated areas.
    I agree that wild turkey has contributed to our dwindling grouse and quail populations, but I think it's mostly loss of habitat.
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  11. Great to know they may be coming back!!
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  12. I_WALL_I

    I_WALL_I Member

    We hear 'em along Wills Creek right before dark... this is first year in I don't know how long- good memories, glad to see them making a comeback!
  13. a few years back had one whistling a long the fence line, I stood next to the fence and whistled, it flew directly at me, passed maybe 10' over head and landed 20 yrds on the other side of me. I figured someone was training a dog.
    We haved lived here 24 years and I can not remember a spring go by without a pheasant cackling out hearing that too !
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  14. Please excuse my ignorance. But what does wild turkey have to do with quail?

    Haha Not being a smart @$$ I really don't know...
  15. Harry1959

    Harry1959 Harry

    Turkey eat the eggs of ground nesting birds which include grouse and quail. I've never heard the turkey blamed for wiping out quail, like some blame for wiping out the grouse. I don't think that theory adds up.
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  16. Thankyou
  17. FOSR

    FOSR name of Alex

    When I was watching that Knox county ridge I'd hear this thumping that sounded like a basketball bouncing on the roof of a shed. I had no idea what it was until I happened to catch a nature show where they showed a grouse drumming on a log. THAT'S IT!

    I was walking the yard on that ridge once with a friend who is an executive chef. We flushed grouse and he was startled. He said, I've cooked them but I've never seen them in the wild.
  18. They may eat the young also I was at Cedar Point and the little farm thing they have there they have turkeys ,goats etc well I was standing there and a little sparrow flew down and a turkey grabbed it and swallowed it never dreamed a turkey would eat a bird but that one did plus all the canine critters we have gets there share also
  19. Crows have been feasting on Robins eggs out in my backyard and in the neighbor's tree line. They have been gathering over there and cawing like crazy this spring. I watched one drop an egg shell in my yard and go back to get more. They will rob nests in trees and the ground both.
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  20. And speaking of Bobwhite, that's a sound that takes me back to my childhood. Every year the family headed south to vacation with relatives in Tenn and Ala. My grampaw was a bird enthusiast to say the very least. He would always make the call of the Bobwhite, and had this picture from his artist friend Ray Harm hanging in the dining room. I stared at this picture every visit for many years, and always admired it.
    It would be cool to start hearing that sound again here in Ohio.