Heads up For Home Owners in Mahoning County

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by papaperch, Feb 1, 2009.

  1. Could not figure out why I never received the 2nd half 2008 property tax notice. At first figured I must have paid entire year last spring.
    Wife get curious and goes to county auditor website. Bang there it deliquent in taxes. Now it gets interesting according to the web site we sold house in June of 2008. Trouble is we never put the house on the market let alone sell it. I figured if some "genius" down there royally screwed up in my case. Same mistake was probably made on someone else's property.

    Of course this all was found out Friday evening. I have had the entire weekend to stew about this. Thats why we never got the second half 2008 tax bill they have been sending it to the " new " owner. Who is some company that has no phone and nobody has ever heard of it.

    Tommorow morning could prove to be interesting. I hope they readily see and fix the error. If not could a couple of you guys drop off a pack of cigarettes or two at the local calaboose.
  2. I've heard of identity threat but thats ridiculous that someone could sell your house out from under you. Boy I hope its just a clerical error. What ya smoking if we need to help?

  3. PAPA - did you go to jail?
  4. First telephone call did not go well at all. They said we will check into it and call you back. Two hours later still no return call. So KILLER aka as the wife called second time three minutes later all was straightened out. Hence no trip to iron bar hotel and no fighting with some big BUBBA trying to convince me to be his " girl ".