Heading to the Rock

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  1. Hey all - I'm new here, but excited to chat with everyone. I'm excited - half-day at work and heading out to the Rocky (marina) for some (hopeful) action in a few minutes. If anyone is down there, feel free to give me a shout and any tips (this is my first venture to the area for steelhead--never caught one, so I'm hoping to get the addiction with a nice catch:B ); I'll be in green neoprene waders, tan vest, tossing some eggs:G .

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    KSUFLASH respect our rivers please

    Rock is at 268cfs at 12:21pm Good luck out there.


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    I hit "The Rock" last night after work at around 4:30. Fished until 6:30 at the marina. the river had a nice flow to it. Ran into a couple other guys who had been there for a while. They were drifting jig and maggots. In the two hours that I was there I saw four nice fish caught and one other hook but the fish threw the hook. Hopefully they continue to bite like that. I will be heading back this weekend.

    Thanks to Buckeye Rob for the fish and the tips. Hopefully I will land my first steelhead this weekend.
  4. Well that narrows it down! There'll probably be at least 20 guys throughout the river matching that description. :p Welcome to the site Scott. I hope you got into your first today.