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Heading to Nimi tonight, any suggestions?

Discussion in 'Northeast Ohio Fishing Reports' started by Webman27, May 31, 2007.

  1. Hi all!! I just joined this forum after watching all the great posts over the last couple weeks. Looks like a great place to talk my favorite pastime in Ohio. I am heading out with a buddy afterwork tonight at Nimi from the South Main Launch Ramp. With that cold front coming through tonight it could be a good one. If anyone has any advice on where to try and what to use it would be greatly appreciated. I have heard the night bite there can be hot. Thanks in advance for any advice anyone has.:D
  2. OldSchool

    OldSchool Saved Fish

    Fish the submerged weedbeds… you’ll find them everywhere… the west shore just to the north of that ramp, mid-lake, back in the pockets/coves. Watch your depth-sounder. Once you drop under 10fow you are close. In the 4-10 ft ranges you should find weed beds about 2ft below the surface… run your favorite thing overtop and/or thru them.
    Enjoy em now cause if a few weeks those weeds will be topping out – you’ll see surface weeds everywhere – and fishing them gets to be a chore (unless you are a vegetarian). Got caught up in them pretty bad last year when the wind pushed me into them. Even the machete prop on my t-motor couldn’t cut me out. :(

    Can’t tell you much about the nite-bite. Only tried that once last year without much success.
    Be watchful out there, the Weather Channel forecast calls for rain/t-showers later.


  3. Thanks for the info OS! We will definitely watch for those thunder boomers, I hear they are coming too but I am hoping not till late. I gotta get back in and watch those CAVS beat up on the Pistons again. If we do anygood I'll post on this tomorrow. Hopefully the coming front with get them all fired up and we can tear them up on top. That would make my night. Thanks again.
  4. Not a bad night at all but nothing super exciting. Caught one up on the west bank on a waketail under the powerlines in the corner and then caught another 4 on Senkos in the bay in the middle of the lake across from where we launched. Nothing over 2lbs though. Thanks the for advice OS!!
  5. OldSchool

    OldSchool Saved Fish

    Good for you. Not a bad start for you first time on that reservoir.
    I’ve been at it a year now and haven’t unlocked the mystery of the big fish at Nimi. (With a good population of little and medium ones I just have to assume that there are big ones in there someplace!!! Maybe the story on the bass is the same as the B-gill… I’ve heard it said that there is so many little ones in Nimi that it stunts the growth the entire population and you don’t see good numbers on large gills.)
    The couple of times I’ve been out in the tail end of May I’ve been seeing about the same results as you. Mostly pound – pound and a half and enough numbers to keep me hopeful but nothing to really brag on. (ala Jimmy Houston, I kiss em and send em back to continue growin’ up.) Having fun all the same.

    Did you hang on for the nite-bite and was that any better than early evening?

    Lots more lake out there for you to explore… the north end has some blow downs, power towers and a couple of long fingers to investigate. The south end has some deeper water (deeper being relative at maybe 30ft.), a dam & spillway as well as a road edge with some rip-rap. (the fella at Eddies Bait told me that they catch a lot of bass along that road but I haven’t spent enough time over there to confirm – usual a number of shore fishers over there and I just as soon not have an audience as I snag-up a $6 crankbait.)
    The journey should be enjoyed as much as the destination so ENJOY!

  6. snake69

    snake69 Equal opportunity fishing

    I'll hear alot of static on this, I'm sure....but there is truth to "Selective Harvest". Maybe Nimisilla is one of those places that it needs to be used to some degree. I'm pretty much c & r on bass, but sometimes selective harvest actually helps the size of fish. I'll leave it at that because I'm sure the majority of the people on here know the 2 terms and also understand them. Anyone care to comment on either and/or both?
  7. I am not sure whether selective havest works well or not. Since I don't have a boat I fish at Lake O' Springs a lot and that lake is so chaulked full of bass it isn't even funny. 40-50 bass days are not uncommon at all. I have also seen the largest bass I have ever seen in Ohio spawning there and there are always some hogs right by the docks where they feed them leftover dead bait. I have never caught anything over 3 out of there though. Maybe all the competition makes the big ones that much wiser.

    OS, we bailed just as it was getting dark. Looked like a storm was coming and wanted to get in to watch the CAVS. I think we are going to have at it again next week and see what we do. I was having so much action on that waketail they actually busted half of my prop. I order a bunch more and they just came in so I can't wait to get out again. We may have to try a couple of the other places you mentioned. There was a post where someone yanked 50 of them off mid lake hump with weeds. No question weeds are where it's at there.