Heading Out Today??

Discussion in 'Steelhead Talk' started by FishingGuy23, Dec 29, 2007.

  1. Anyone Thinking about going steelhead fishing today in the Vermilion River or Mill Hollow?? I might go fishing in the Vermilion River or Mill Hollow Today! Hows Mill Hollow Looking? Anyone Know where the steelhead are right now and where the hot spots are????

    :D Thanks Everyone For Your Help:D

  2. i was just up by the vermilion over christmas while at my dads and it looked very murky and a pretty high. where r u from?

  3. Im from Wakeman,Ohio. Where are you from?
  4. FishingGuy, the V usually fishes best at 250cfs (bait) or less.
  5. i live in mansfield ohio with my mom but go up to my dads everyother weekend which is in wakeman.
  6. Oh Whats your dad's name I might know him??

  7. tom friedman. he owns buyers fair and cargoe jewlers in vermilion
  8. nope i dont know him!

  9. went this afternoon. too much ice in 1st spot.2nd spot not much better.Got no fish there .Never fished Mill before , looked around a little ,2 guys from Mich there.said they caught a few. back past the Ranger station by a picnic shelter.Saw an Eagle flying up stream overhead by Bacon.Too much ice in the few spots I scoped out.River water looked good, nice-n-green.:F