Heading back to Texas for Bass....

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    I'm heading to Houston Friday for spring break with the family. My buddy and I are taking a guided Bass trip to Fayetteville Lake about 2hrs west of Houston. It's a powerplant cooling lake that is full of them pigs.

    We took the same trip two years ago in April and had a blast! Average fish was 3-3.5lbs. and we caught 60 fish that day! The guide gauranteed 60 fish in the boat and we did not leave the water until we had them, he was a hell of a guy to do that for us. We never landed the "big" one, I did have one that would have went 7 or 8 lbs break me off at the boat, IT KILLED ME!

    This will be a great way to kick off my fishing season, sun, warm temps., and big ole south Texas Bass.

    Here are some pics from our 2006 trip...The guide was constantly concerned about each fish's welfare, he insisted that we support the bottom of the fish when holding it for pictures, I didn't really care for how the pics turned out because I'm covering half the fish with my big ole' hands!

    Hopefully this time I'll have a pic of my biggest Bass ever, it's a real possibility.


    This is my buddy Greg, and this is his first Bass ever, he has never been bit by the fishing bug like me, I don't understand it.:confused: