Headin to St Clair this Friday

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  1. K gonefishin

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    Me and Sellfish are headin up to St Clair for an all day saturday trip and half day sunday. I've never really musky fished before so I'm really looking forward to it. We're taking my buddy's 27 sportcraft up so we can fish all day comfortably. He's got big boards too. Sellfish is friends with a charter captain on the canadian side so we are going to where he fishes. He's letting us borrow all his stuff we're just bringing the boat. Scott knows how to fish for them but figured I'd ask you guys for any tips for fall musky on St Clair...gives me something to think about at least. I'm bringing some of my Salmon hardware and 50 pound Flour for leaders and alot of lead and what little "big baits" I have. Going to try the new 900 series RipSticks.

    Wish us luck...the weather is going to be picture perfect as well as the clarity.
    I'll have pics and report when I return.
  2. MuskieJim

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    St. Clair is freaking awesome, there's really no magic baits, but I do have a lot of success with standard trolling cranks: Wileys, Believers, Jakes, Grandmas, Depthraiders (in that order!). Let us know how you do, you have a great shot at catching some really nice fish this time of year.

    Also, its a great technique pioneered by Jon Bondy, vertical jigging with monster baits (like The Pounder Bulldawg) produces some of the biggest muskies that I've seen. Some good vertical baits include the pounder, the bondy bait, and Esox Cobra jigs with added bell sinkers.

    Good luck! You shouldn't need it though! :p

  3. Tuff sahds work well too, we found out this year ...
  4. K gonefishin

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    Report in the Erie forum for those who want to look. I'm hooked. :B
  5. MuskieJim

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    Way to go, looks like you guys had a great time!

    St. Clair is unbelievable.
  6. ShutUpNFish

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    Sorry I missed this prior to your trip....looks like you guys had some success...Good job! It just takes some fishing common sense, persitance and confidence!
  7. I have to go there some time. Good job. it sure l;ooks like you had fun.
  8. obrien040362

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    I just learned about this lake. I guess it is only 5 to 6 hours away.

    Please give a good report on hot spots because if I travel 6 hours I need some inside infro!!!
  9. K gonefishin

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    Lake St Clair connects Lake Erie and Lake Huron, St clair River flows into lake St Slair then the Detroit River leaves St Clair and dumps into Lake Erie, we fished the canadian side and we where about 30 minutes from Detroit, 20 from Windsor, we lauched out of Belle River in the town of Lakeshore.

    I guess the fish this time of year are on the east and northeast side of the lake. The lake's average depth is only 11 ft, we fished 7.5 - 12.5 FOW, we fished murky water compared to what is out there as it can be ocean blue looking crystal clear water, in the summer the fish are in the middle of the lake just roaming around in 17-20 FOW, just follow the big boats, most of the charter and other musky fisherman have pretty large Erie type boat, you can miss them.