Headin' to Mosquito

Discussion in 'Northeast Ohio Fishing Reports' started by EitherFishOrCutBait, May 15, 2008.

  1. EitherFishOrCutBait

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    im heading to mosquito with my dad and we are looking to bring some eyes or crappie home..looking for some helpful hints anything would be great
  2. JFeeds

    JFeeds too close for missiles...

    i went out today....didnt catch squat. i think the little cold weather lately has really screwed with the fish. my bday is this wednesday, so here's to hoping the bites improve by then!!!

  3. Either,
    If your in a boat- just look for the loads of boats on the north end-
    do what the amish do! :)
  4. Lewzer

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    We just got back from there camping for 2 weeks. We finally found the walleyes in 15-25 fow. Drift the middle of the lake channel with heavy jigs.
    For crappie go the the Christmas trees on the east side of the north end of the lake. The state put a bunch in the lake in January of this year. Get the gps waypoints from Causeway Bait. Or you can look for the schools of minnows on the surface that scatter as you approach.