headin' out to Ol' Indian Lake

Discussion in 'Central Ohio Fishing Reports' started by BennyLovesSaugeyes, Jun 23, 2008.

  1. Haven't went out to indian lake this summer yet. Headin' out as we speak. Going to throwing for some eyes on the south and west banks.

    We'll be using minnows on the bottom for some miracle eyes from shore. I'll also be throwing some HJ's and Bandits, trying to lure some out of the shallows. Last year we had great sucess using minnows from shore, hope this year it's just as good!!!!

    Wish US luck!!!!:B
  2. got skunked. fished over 4 hours. Not even a bite.

    Minnows, HJ's, Bandits, shad baits, every bait didn't produce anything.

    Funny thing is, saw two boats trolling as close as 40 feet from us. Both boats on their passes caught saugeyes. One boat pulled in a double, and we clearly heard the guy say,"Yep, that's two saugeyes...":mad:

  3. benny don't read saugmon's post about his luck there today from a boat,you'll get ticked ,I am sure.Sorry about your luck,it stinks to make that drive and get skunked.I have done it before from Newark.
  4. pizza


    saugmon does well trolling 3 foot divers just 30-35 feet behind the boat. Used to be a marsh, all of IL is shallow.
  5. i can't get mad at anyone for catching fish :p . Most times we fish Indian Lake from a boat, not from shore. Thought we'd give it a shot from shore, just was nice to get out in the morning, trying alum tomorrow.